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Dutch Court of Appeal does not clear Dahabshiil of Terror and Criminal Allegations
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Uganda:Dahabshiil pays Ugandan Security Officers

Monday September 14, 2015 - 01:24:53 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Uganda:Dahabshiil pays Ugandan Security Officers Members of Uganda security apparatus told Kampala Newspaper that 30 Ugandan police and anti-terrorism Unit receive monthly payment from Dahabshiil money transfer office in Kampala.

    Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on Digg Share on Stumbleupon Share on Delicious Share on Google Plus Members of Uganda security apparatus told Kampala Newspaper that 30 Ugandan police and anti-terrorism Unit receive monthly payment from Dahabshiil money transfer office in Kampala. Officials from Dahabshiil Uganda confirmed this. ‘we are not sure if the payment is known by Dahabshiil management, or a sole decision made by manager Ibrahim Hersi’ said the officials.  A Ugandan police source said that manager Ibrahim Hersi Galow is an Al Shabab agent in-charge of fund raising in east Africa through the branch he manages.  He also said that his deputy, Mr. Abdihakim Ismail has transferred to neighboring Rwanda, a month after Somali media disclosed that he is wanted by Saudi intelligence.

‘ Dahabshiil manager never gets arrested, and he bribes Uganda security officials to safe his business, because he is an important agent, up to the extent of Al Qaeda level’  said a Somali businessman who briefed me at Java coffee, Kampala.

‘Terrorist payment to some of our officials risks security in our country, therefore we are carrying out investigation about Dahabshiil Manager’s’ said General Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs who spokes at 3 September 2015.

Dahabshiil manager Mr Hersi Galow tried to kill a prominent Somali journalist, Dahir Alasow in Kampala.  He regularly pays Somali diplomat who is based in Kampala, whom is believed to have reconnaissance and document facilitation ties with Al Qaeda/Al Shabab.

‘A Somali diplomat based in Kampala, Khadar Hassan Warjiid and Dahabshiil Kampala manager Ibrahim Hersi Galow have jointly worked to carryout assassination attempt against Investigative journalist Alasow who lives in the Netherlands.  He was tagged 3 Million Dollars by Al Qaeda in 2007 when they published his photo on their website said an official from Uganda anti-terrorism investigation unit at Kireka, Kampala.

Terrorists in Uganda accused Mr Alasow of being part of Dutch Police, but when he departed from Kampala they bribed corrupted paper by the name red pepper which wrote that Alasow is a member of Al-Shabab terrorists.  What has really surprised security apparatus was their use of his photo and the name Dahir Abdullah.  ‘Terrorists used my picture and my name as Dahir Abdullah.  Should they wrote my real name, they would have been exposed’ said Alasow who spoke to Kampala Newspaper on the phone.

Alasow added that terrorists used different tactics at their disposal to assassinate him, but paid bribes when they failed to kill him.

Somali media published last year story on Ibrahim Galow’s ambition to replace the deceased Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Godane who was killed by US drone.  It seems terrorists have huge influence in Uganda which cannot be under estimated.

Dahabshiil Uganda manager and his deputy both declined to comment on the terror accusations leveled against them.

Source: By Jannet Etwine

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