President Mohamud calls for formation of inclusive admin for Juba regions

Published On: Thursday, November, 15 2012 - 14:55:01 This post has been viewed 814 times

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President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has urged local clans in Lower Juba to keep aside their differences and work on ways to establish an all inclusive local administration for the region.

He said his government will support and facilitate efforts towards creation of inclusive administration in the region for the common good of the local residents.

The president said the government reserves all the rights to form an administration for the region but that does not mean appointing individuals from Mogadishu.

He stated that the region is part of the larger federal republic of Somalia, admitting that the region has been badly hit by the two decades old conflict that ravaged the country since early 1990s.

The president however said his government will use all possible avenues to safeguard the property of the locals in the region.

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