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Somali president sacks premier, speaker resigns

Monday May 17, 2010 - 23:39:22 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somali president sacks premier, speaker resigns


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By Abdinasir Mohamed, editor in-chief

MOGADISHU (Sunatimes) ----Somalia’s president has fired his prime minister Monday after parliament confidence vote ended his tenure on Sunday, a move which was seen as a new profitable change for the weak government.

Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, 48, became the country's youngest prime minister since unification of former parliament and Islamists in Djibouti peace deal on 2009.

His dismissal mark a major reshuffle of senior figures in the government, which failed to do it’s supposed tasks, to bring in effective leaders and peace.

“Today, i would like to announce that prime minister Sharmarke and his government have collapsed” Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Somali president told reporters Monday.

“I shall appoint a new cabinet and prime minister soon” he added.

Both Mr Sharif and Mr Sharmarke are from two powerful Somali clans, and this will be the first time they come at cross junction, that plagued after parliament confidence vote collapsed the current government.

"Our urgent task is to quickly develop in a sustainable way and pull the country out of backwardness and fight corruption," Sharif said while speaking off-record briefing for government officials.

The leadership changes and other cabinet positions were decided behind closed doors by government officials as the appointments will happen within 30 days.

Sunatimes editor says the presidency does have considerable prestige he will be able to use to support his allies against those within the party who are hostile to change.

Elsewhere, the speaker of Somali parliament has resigned after his campaign to bring down MPs arguing his valid term was over on February this year.

Today, by considering the plight of my country and the interest of my people, i have resigned my position as the speaker of Somali parliament” Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nor said after the president approved the collapsed of the government of Sharmarke.

Bur Mr Madobe is also expected to take a more active role in national politics and to push for faster peace process, according to officials.

The fragile government will maintain facing Somalia’s prolonged insurgency led by Alshabaab extremists which is trying to overthrow the government.


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