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Somali gov’t loses no-confidence vote in parliament

Sunday May 16, 2010 - 22:22:45 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somali gov’t loses no-confidence vote in parliament


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By Abdinasir Mohamed, editor in-chief

MOGADISHU (Sunatimes)-Somalia's parliament has passed a no-confidence motion against the government of Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali on Sunday, forcing him and the cabinet to resign.

The fall of the government came almost a month after dispute among Somali Mps and speaker emerged in a bitter junction and its a big blow to the weak government that has yet to restore much-needed stability in the war-torn horn of Africa nation.

Out of 300 legislators attending parliament, 280 voted against the government according to parliamentary speaker Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nur..

“ 280 Mps voted against the prime minister’s government, 30 refused and 8 abstained, so the government has collapsed” Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nor, the speaker of the parliament told reporters.

“The president will appoint an effective premier within 30 days” he added.

Shortly after the prime minister’s government collapsed, majority of MPs announced the speaker’s term ended and sacked him.

Around 318 MP have voted against the speaker, of the parliament, saying his term ended and could no longer be their speaker.

“The speaker’s term has already ended and we voted that is no longer the speaker” Omar Islow, Somali MP told reporters.

“We shall elect a new interim speaker soon” he added.

Elsewhere, 11 people died and 45 others wounded after insurgents fired mortar bombs at the parliament meeting, which prompted retaliatory fire from the Somali troops and the African union peacekeeping troops, according to rescue workers.

“We have collected 11 dead bodies and 45 wounded today” Ali Muse, ambulance service coordinator told Sunatimes.

“Most of those people died in the Bakara market” he added.

The horn of Africa nation has been without central government since1991 after clan militias and warlords overthrown the dictator regime of Siad Barre that lastly leashed out to constant violence for more than 20 years.

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