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    WIDELY LIFE STYLE OF FINANCE MINISTER OF SOMALIA BEYLEH - We are sharing this post on the Finance Minister of Somali's lavish lifestyle,including dayslong parties allegedly filled with prostitutes, cocaine and celebrity entertainment: Abdirahman Dualeh Beyleh, Minister of Finance of the

    Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on Digg Share on Stumbleupon Share on Delicious Share on Google Plus - We are sharing this post on the Finance Minister of Somali's lavish lifestyle,including dayslong parties allegedly filled with prostitutes, cocaine and celebrity entertainment: Abdirahman Dualeh Beyleh, Minister of Finance of the FGS, is of the riches persons in Somalia. His networth is billions resulting from bribery and theft. Beyleh and his families took control of Somali Government through bribing politicians and given lucrative and large contracts to Farmajo and his families.
To take a quick look at his background, Beyleh was born at a home for unwed mother in Allaybaday town of Somaliland in
1951, and he remained there for 15 years until his grand mother adopted him. He had no formal education, but he attended catholic school in Somaliland. According to his former classmates and family accounts, Beileh has never practiced Islam.They consider him
Christian.They said he renounced the Prophet Muhammad and he has renounced Islam and he has accepted Christian Religion. People working in the Ministry never saw him performing salat and fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. Also, people close to him believe that he is an atheist more interested in economics and government than religion.

He is known to be alcoholic and khat chewer who spends more than10 hours a day in his living room while chewing Khaad or mira. This is the man who was accused of theft and looting when he was in the ministry of foreign affairs in 2014 of Hasan Sheikh Government, this is the man who the Office of the Auditor General exposed stealing $120 million from poor Somali tax payers. International community and donors call him moniker Mr.20 percent Minister for collecting commissions and percentage for every voucher and contract that he signs. This is the guy that got thrown out of his clerical job  in the African Development Bank (AfDB) after he was accused of embezzlement and theft.

As he became minister of finance in 2016, the corrupted minister Beyleh is living his dreams while Somali poor taxpayers are suffering. He bought properties in Nairobi, Turkey, US and Kenya. In early 2021, he bought three luxury homes in Washington State with total value of more than 6.5 million USD. Beileh and his family are rumored to own several other lavish residences around the world, including in Djibouti, UAE, and five-star hotel in Hargeisa.

He spent millions on the five-star hotel in Somaliland, private mansions, bullet proof windows and doors. The hotel can sleep1,000 guests in seven stories. The seven-story hotel includes water fountains, a sound system, lights, and air conditioning that can all be controlled by an iPhone. The lavish hotel also has wine storage capable of holding1,200 bottles. Beyleh also had four under construction villas in his homeland of Somaliland and Mogadishu and had built two luxury villas for each of his sons in Hargeisa City.

To cut a long story short, as soon as Beyleh has taken charge of the economy of the one of the most corrupted nations on earth with no accountability and transparency and he is free to spend its money, however he deemed fit. Now it was time to celebrate.That required a private and secret place in celebrating with his new status. Beyleh rented a two story home in AbdulAziz district, in Mogadishu, a stunning setting in the open sky balcony rooms facing Indian Ocean that could be closely controlled for as long as Beyleh wanted.

Singers and belly dancers are flown from Hargeisa, Djibouti, and Nairobi. Once the sun went down and the entertainers arrived in the floor,Beyle emerged. Money was not anissue for Beileh, guests would get $5,000.00 bones, a big deal for people who cant make $100.00 per month.To maintain his privacy, Beyleh' s security staff told guests they are not allowed to bring phones at all. Some of the belly dancers  and singers got closer to Beyleh and excited Beyleh climbed onto the stage and started singing and playing records of his choice.

In the stage, Beileh bragged rude words about kissing and grabbing singers on the stage. He tried to force one of the female singers to perform a sex act on him on the stage. He got on top of one woman and griding on her in a sexual and aggressive manner. When one of the women pleaded with him to stop, he allegedly yelled: you’re not a woman, you’re nobody, I’m Mr. Beyleh, and I’ll do what I want and nobody will do anything to me. Also, people familiar with event saw Beileh terrorizing the women and made sexual advances that included rubbing himself against one of them and asking another to lick his entire body. Neighbors saw a bleeding woman desperately screaming for help as she tried to climb the 5-foot-high walls of Beyleh’s home. People in the party saw Beileh sniffing a white powder they believed to be cocaine.

The parties continued until dawn when many of the people retired to their rooms. They’d emerge late in the night. Suddenly, something changed Beyleh’s mood. While other people in the party spoke freely and excitedly, Beyleh was silent, apparently thinking about something more serious than women and music. Then, all the sudden it was over. News of Beyleh’s home party leaked to the Prime Minister Office, Kheyre, and some people in the Farmajo Office and local media pick it up. Less than an hour Beyle and his people were gone. The women soon left after.

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