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Corruption, power egotism, bizarre political upshot in Somalia

Sunday May 02, 2010 - 17:38:26 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Corruption, power egotism, bizarre political upshot in Somalia

    Polical Wrangling

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Polical Wrangling

By Daauud Ahmed, a senior Somali political analyst



MOGADISHU (Sunatimes)- Somalia, a war weary horn African nation, which has been without government for a decade,  has sharp corruption symptoms and greed of power which suited the order of the day.



The fate of the impoverished Somalis is getting worse and worse as the ideologies’ passage end up with influence matters and the religious becomes means to achieve the power.



If you momentary look back to the starting up of religious courts in 1999, 2002 or 2003 until 2006, the sheikhs were iterating they will not struggle for power, but only restoring peace and implementing sharia practice, words ended with ‘futile’. 



This claim was short-lived immediately after the UIC era started on 2006. The leading religious members started negotiating about the country leadership, where they boycotted an internationally recognized government.



But the splitting up of political and religious groups become of persistent problem that tarnished the hope of peace and stability for the country.



Starting from scratch, USC (united Somali congress for short) was the measly organization that toppled the Barre’s regime, but it has immediately split into several tiny tribal warmongers for identity.


IF you glance at recent history of Somalia, especially the south you never miss to see political or religious group-splitting up soon after it was built. A good example is UIC (Union of Islamic Courts), which has split up into several parties such as; Al-shabab, Hisbul-islam, Jabhal-islamiya, Raskamboni and Anole brigade.



The worth mentioning obsession is that any group who joins the political world- swiftly loses twice: first, they lose their militias- and secondly the faith. And these phenomena became devastating and destructive for Somalia though they are always come onboard with political agenda not in favour of nationalism.



Hassan Muse, a political analyst says “There is a positive relationship between joining to politics and division of the same groups, particularly the issue of power sharing always splits the groups”



A typical example: Ahlusunna Wal-jama’a who expressed themselves as religious- non-political group who stood to defend the Islamic faith, now signed an agreement of power sharing with the fragile Somali government, they are splitting up- as some of them started opposing the agreement.



As more divisions and joint venture annulments among Al-shabab and Hizbul-islam are expected in the near future, as the visible differences among them gets grower.




Foreign involvements and awful legacy:



Any people in the world have respect, dignity, freedom and choice. But when foreigners intrude their territory, especially foreign forces, the people and the country lose every right. The people will be humiliated, massacred, their girls are tempted to rape and all diseases are injected, as excisable kinds of atrocities are committed.



When a country is under-occupation, it faces all appalling images, and even loses more than lives. The first remarkable histories come into view to Liberia and Sierra Leone.



To illustrate the chief foreign complications, in Mogadishu, AU forces are engaging one of the deadly wars- in the capital; they commit mass executions to the people without vivid reason. But the worst thing is that they are not making any development, they are killing and maiming civilians in the same spot, which they were killing in the past year.



Advance and retreat wars, the civilians die without being defended or mentioned, the spokesman of AU forces deny, while all eyes are on them, - sarcastically, which means, they are no longer cared about the fate of the Somalis, which they claim to protect their peace.



Piracy, human trafficking, terror and all acts of devil are exercised here in Mogadishu, the aid is abused, the administration is corrupted, and the elders are assassinated. You name it. The notorious events in Mogadishu are not bearable- they seem to be endless with vicious cycle scenario. As TFG and the internationally community are engaged for organizing comprehensive attack to Al-shabab, which they were panicking people and forced many residents to evacuate.



From bad to worse the Islamists themselves, started killing each other for power. Their foolish wars occurred in the lucrative port city of Kismayo which Al-shabab and Hizbul-islam fought, assassinating, exploding and putting traps for each other in the markets and public places. The term of apostate is becoming uncontrollable, as the Islamists started using against one another.



However, Somali must be repentant to Allah for good leadership and durable peace.





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