Who are responsible Somali journalists, scholars’ assassinations in Mogadishu?

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    Who are responsible Somali journalists, scholars’ assassinations in Mogadishu?

    By Shabelle

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By Shabelle Mogadishu (Sunatimes) After long search made by who are responsible for the planned assassinations against the people in Mogadishu and Journalists, Shabelle Media Network found a united group that invents murdering activities in US, Britain and Sweden. (Commentary).

Since the Ethiopian troops vacated from Somalia, this group who are Somali Diaspora had risen and started plans to murder the Somali scholars in the Somalia capital Mogadishu.

Shabelle Media Network is one of the radio stations of Somalia who lost more of its reporters and administrators in the planned assassinations of this group and other threats that caused to Shabelle radio to search the activities of this group to perform for the Somali people. This group is one of united groups who are in and out of Somalia and also commits such murdering actions in parts of Somali regions.

During Shabelle’s search in more than a year, Shabelle found more clear information about the group which consists of three men called:-

1) – Abdiweli Bashiir Dalboon, who is in the United States of America and manages the SOMALIMEMO Network, he plays crucial role for the committing intimidations against the people in Mogadishu. He used to be administrator of SOMALITALK website.He interests the tribalism and abhorrence. Mr. Abdiweli knows nothing about the religion, but claims he is a holy Koran teacher in America.  He exaggerates himself on the websites he manages.

2) - Abdiwhid Abdullahi Khalaf, is the owner of SOMALIMEMO, a network that carries out planned assassinations against the reporters and Somali educators. He lives in London.

Mr. Abdiwelid was one of the youth bred by Al Itihad group and wrote some thing on Somalitalk website. He used to Christianize the Islamist clerics and politicians from Mogadishu and southern Somalia mainly Kismayui town, the centre of Lower Jubba regions. Now Mr. Abidwahid is one the three men who are busy for planned killings against the Somali people and pays the money murdering activities. He collects the money from the Somalis in London saying to the Somalis that the money would be supported to orphans.

These men publish the name of the religious clerics, scholars and educators supposed to be killed on SOMALIMEMO website so as to be killed by the rebels against the TFG if escaped from the hands of their own trained youngmen in Somalia. They accuse the people they aim to kill for working with Major Behuko, the spokesman of AMISOM troops in Mogadishu or member of the transitional government of Somalia before committing the assassination. This might make possible for the others fighters against the TFG to assassinate the published people on their website for reasons of printing the names on SOMALIMEMO. The third man is called,

3)- Sultan Mohamed Garyare, is one the three men group and lives in Sweden. The name Sultan, is greatly respected in Somalia, but Sutlan is only the nickname of Mr. Garyare.

This man is remembered for ordering the displaced people from the Somali capital Mogadishu not to return to their houses in Mogadishu and leave from Afgoi corridor as the Ethiopian troops left from the country.

This man is the consultant of the group accustomed assassinating the innocent civilians and is the pointer of the important person planned to be killed or displaced from his house.

He also collects money from the Somali community informing the Somali people in Sweden that the money would be provided to orphanage children in Somalia, but spent on carrying out the conspiracy activities against the people in Mogadishu.

Mr. Garyare, is one of the member of the managers of SOMLIMEMO, the network of murderers. These three men fund young men in Somalia and carry out the killings. And it is unclear their grounds targeting the people from the southern Somalia mainly in Mogadishu and some other regions in Somalia.

These men had published a report a baseless report saying that Shabelle Media Network was sold by the American embassy and more other fake reports.

How ever, we conclude our first part of comments on these and we promise our readers and listeners that we shall display other parts of the results of Shabelle’s search about the activities of the murdering group and several following points for the coming weeks.

1) - The planned planning assassinations of the group supposed to be committed to the people in Mogadishu.

2) - Their involvement about sending the children to Somalia to take parts the fighting and explosions against the Somali people.

3) - The economic and money they collect from the Somali Diaspora they claim to be spent on Jihad and meant other aims killing the Somali people.

4) Matters relating one of the young teenagers and Mr. Abdiweli known as (Haran Dak) held in McDonald and how they sent from the United States of America and reached in Mogadishu who lastly exploded.

5) - Religious clerics jailed for reasons relating to their assassinations in Somalia and more other matters.

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