Video Somali President's characteristics and his historical mistakes

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    Video Somali President's characteristics and his historical mistakes

    Somalia's historical enemies of Ethiopia and Kenya to annex Somalia bit by bit.Ethiopia diverted the water flow of the Shabelle river. Kenya annexed 150 kms of Somalia's maritime boundary--- rich in oil and gas.

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Somalia's historical enemies of Ethiopia and Kenya to annex Somalia bit by bit.Ethiopia diverted the water flow of the Shabelle river. Kenya annexed 150 kms of Somalia's maritime boundary--- rich in oil and gas.

Our Somali people have been dying because of famine, droughts, tribal strife, terrorism, unemployment and migration.Our airspace has already out of our hands. 

President Hassan Sheikh has done 30 historical mistakes since he took the office

1. The onset of his office, he stated that he would not show solidarity with the Somali victims of terrorism but foreigners. 

 2.He foolishly threatened Somalia's troops by saying every soldier that does not content salary with a stipend worth $ 100 a month should leave his job.

 He used millions of dollars belong to the Somali nation for the bribing of the Somali Parliamentarians in order to unseat two PMs :Abdiweli Ahmed and Abdi Farah Shirdon. And he appointed Sharmarke, who sold Somali maritime from foreigners as PM. 

3. He is the first president that allowed Turkish employees to take the jobs from Somali port workers simply because of being a stakeholder in these Turkish companies. 

4. He sold national-owned land and buildings, including areas of the police discipline, air transport, airport, Milk factory, Guardian of Elgab, Taleh, Eneyo, among other important places.  

 5.Instead of expressing grief when the civilians at Lido seafood restaurant were massacred by Shabaab, he drank tea and enjoyed with his drinks while families and relatives were mourning. A short while after he flew to Kenya and bowed the  boots of the killed Kenyan soldiers. When Kenyan warplanes were pounding civilians in Gedo region of Somalia. 

6. President Hassan never spoke about the massacres of the El-adde, Gedo people by the Kenyan jet fighters. He also did not speak out the killings of the civilians in Garajir and Balidhiig  at the Somali-Ethiopia border by the militias of Liyuu Police. Instead of mourning with his Somali people, his response to the Somali massacres has always been smiling and happiness. In contrary, when foreigners afflicted on misfortune his face looks sorrowful and unhappiness. 

7. He became the first president that offered his wife, Kamar Omar, the contracts of  revenue collection from property taxes. His wife  increased the tax on houses in Banadir from $30+12$ = $42.

11. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud did not speak a single day about the diverted Shabelle river water flow by the Ethiopia. The Diversion of river water added more problems to those already suffering due to the droughts in the regions of Somalia.

12. He is the first president that destroyed  the middle class and deliberately impoverished them while allowing only upper-income households and lower-income households. 

13. He is  the first president that signed an agreement which prohibits any Somali national to be hired -the project of Halane that he gave to the European Union when most of  it are land property belonging to Somali nationals. 

The agreement reads, "A Somali national whether they have Western citizenship or not can not be allowed to work in this project". It is pretty much racism and violates  both the laws of Somalia and Europe. 

14. He is the first President that one of his government ministers said in front of him, "Somaliland is an independent country that lacks United Nation's recognition." 

15. President Hassan said in front of the Somalia parliamentarians that foreigners can run the nation's security and judicial affairs, but Somalis could do political affairs. 

16. He became the first President that sent his children outside of the country,  shortly after he elected and bought houses for them in Turkey and Tanzania. 

17. He became the first president that denied the political rights of 4 million residents in Banadir region. He also ordered the regions of Jazeera and Elasha Biyaha (Water wells) to be governed from Baidoa.

18.  President Mohamud is the first president that signed the repatriation of Somali refugees living in EU to Somalia.  

19. Mr. Mohamud is the first president that the terrorist Al-Shabaab entered his presidential palace of Villa Somalia and  spoke to the media on the incident smilingly. 

20. He is the first president that did not send condolences to the  families of the terrorist victims, however; when it comes to terror attacks of the foreign countries he sends condolences and condemnations Rushingly. 

21. He is the first president that assigned Muse Ganjab to help him steal Somali national assets held in abroad as  mentioned in the report of UN Monitoring Group. 

22. He is the first president that released a press release refuting his same word,  shortly after he said 180-200 Kenyan troops were killed in the attack in El Adde which was aired by Somali Cable in Turkey.  

23. He is the first president  that accepted the exportation of the procreating livestock such as camels, cattle, goats and sheep to Arab World which violates the longstanding Somali policy, which banned it.  

24. He is the first president that hardly fulfills his pledges since he appointed the post. He promised the  injured  people in Lido seafood restaurant to hospitals in abroad to receive proper medical treatment yet no single person taken to abroad. 

25. He is not the first president brought in black magicians in his presidential palace of Villa Somalia. But he is being the first president that visited the grave of the former Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre and took a pocketful of sand into his pocket when everybody could see. 

26.  He is the first president that every Somali person hates to hear his name and curse whenever they hear it even those closest to him in kinship criticize him in publicly. 

27. He is the first president that his co-workers politically failed and Somali MPs rejected his proposal to be included Abdikarim Hussein Guled, Farah Abdikader. Sanbalolshe and Halane in the cabinet. 

28. He is the first president that said he did not run the presidency and then restated that he wants to run the presidency after the end of his tenure. However, his next statements contradict the first. He himself stated that Somalis never re-elected a president that held a term traditionally. 

29. President Mohamud is the first president that sent his tribal arms-men to assassinate Yusuf Dirir and managed the body and its assassins stay the night in the Villa Somalia. While soldiers that defended  the Parliamentarians walking in the street placed in jail. And since then, never mention the blood of the deceased MP Yusuf Dirir (rip).

30. Mr. Mohamud  became the most ever corrupted Somali president and clan-chauvinist that behaves unjustly. He appointed the most important posts: The Finance, the Generals and the presidential staffers from top to the bottom to his clansmen.  

By Dahir Alasow

[email protected]

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