Somalia:Dahabshiil Battles in Court: An interview with a Sister of slain Singer

Tuesday March 15, 2016 - 00:17:27 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somalia:Dahabshiil Battles in Court: An interview with a Sister of slain Singer

    A Somali British based in Bristol UK Mr's Suad Ali Warsame, a sister of Sado Ali Warsame talks with Waagacusub TV about the Dahabshiil's emissaries to silence the case of Mrs. Warsame. Below is the transcription of the interview.

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A Somali British based in Bristol UK Mr's Suad Ali Warsame, a sister of Sado Ali Warsame talks with Waagacusub TV about the Dahabshiil's emissaries to silence the case of Mrs. Warsame. Below is the transcription of the interview. Dahabshiil Company is struggling against a legal battle with one of Warsame's sons who sued Dahabshiil Company in New York court late last year.

Dahir Alasow: If you can hear me Suad, what's going on?

Su'ad Ali Warsame: I am greeting you all, my brothers? And I am also greeting all the media personalities. Strong Campaign is ongoing launched by Sado's son. We heard that the company's emissaries were mobilizing my sub-clan to record news which did not work out for them.

I don't know what are they doing there. The case of the deceased is not out there. Then, what happened is that that they recorded voice for a newly-elected elder which I did not understand.

Dahir Alasow: Aha?

Suad Ali: And then, they proceeded to Las-Anod where they can get some young men from my tribe. And again, it did not work out for them. Then, they proceeded to Somali region of Ogaden where our tribe resides to reach out my tribe.

Dahir Alasow: aha?

Su'ad Ali Warsame: And that did not work out for them -their emissaries were arrested and those from my family fled to Buhodle town, including a young elder named Ali Jama Sharif.

Mr Sharif was born in the 1980s and has no update on how things are going on. And they (Dahabshiil's) are spending their money here and there. Even if they manage to reach out that young man or our family in the Haud, it does not help them. The issue is bigger than that. The case of Sado Ali Warsame (May her soul rest in peace) who was a singer of a national stature will not stop a group of people. The case is not in our hands now.

I think, God is making it a way for him to lose all his money. He and his aggressor, sons, are trying to gain reputation in this way. However, It will not help them for sucking the blood of the people.

Dahir Alasow: It is true that Dahabshiil will ask  New York court to dismiss the case on Monday according to the Warsame's lawyer.But on the other hand, sources say Abdirashid Ali Warsame, a brother of yours who is in Buhodle from the rural area to be taken Hargeisa in a bid to speak to the media to say he did not kill her. Reports say that Dahabshiil said, 'I want to hire a hundred people from your tribe and they should offer me a girl for marriage in return. How do you view that?

Suad Ali Warsame: Our brother, Abdirashid Ali Warsame, was kidnapped and I don't think as I am being told that he is normal. Despite being a strong man in the past, he is being surrounded and he changed his mind. But there is nothing that he can do for Dahabshiil and he is in Buhodle now. No problem for us whether he stays there or not. He was kidnapped and forced to act against his will.

Dahir Alasow: Okey, As far as you know, what do they want him to say?

Saud Ali Warsame: As I heard that they want him to talk to the media and then they will say Abdirashid and others rejected the allegation that Dahabshiil helped the assassination of Saado Ali Warsame. However, we contacted to the lawyers and notified them about this case.

There are also young men who are my brothers in Hagarder Kenya that they are attacking them. Some of the young men could not sleep in their homes. Because they are sending to those cover up their faces.We updated it to the lawyers. Today, if any of them died under any circumstances be it a natural death, they will be responsible for it. We recorded their numbers including the person with them (Dahabshiil).

Dahir Alasow: We are hearing that those of your tribe in Buhodle and intended to speak to the media were denied any coverage since the media personalities there were bribed, any idea?

Saud Ali Warsame: As I told you, they have the support of a group of my tribe whom their job is to keep out Dahabshiil critics from Ceyn province and they strive to silence everyone. The media personalities that interested in the case are being given a threefold increase in the amount of the money that has been given to cover the case.

I am happy that the case is not lying in Somalia. International courts are following up the case and it is being pursued firmly. And I hope, the result will be favorable to us, God willing.

Dahir Alasow: How do you see the individuals collaborating with Dahabshiil, including the elder of your tribe?

Suad Ali Warsame: Yes, that's true.

Dahir Alasow: What will be your reaction since the elder and others are despising the blood money of your sister in return for a bribe money?

Suad Ali Warsame: Yes, we were told a man in Sweden named the son of Mohamed Sharif, the elder man named Ali Jama Sharif and his young brother who works with Dahabshiil named Shiine, among others. But I'm happy because they can do nothing about it.

The word that I am transmitting is the tribe of Sharif is that they have always been our elders. You can lose your dignity with a small thing.It would be beautiful, beautiful for me, and beautiful as a tribe to avoid the small things that can damage the dignity of our tribe.

My message to Sharif Tribe There is nothing that can destroy the case of Warsame. It has been continuing and will continue. The lawyer neither knows Dahabshiil nor you. He is from an international court.

I'm reiterating it the young men back home in Hagarder are being chased by a crew from Dahabshiil and being spied on certain individuals including Dahabshiil's staffer, Shiine Jama Shire. I'm telling Khalid, you were a noble people that never cheated for a small amount of money.You need to shy away from running after the bag (money) of Dahabshiil that you are running after it.We will seek revenge, be it outside or inside of the country.

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