Somalia and the terrorist -By Abdiaziz "Afrika"

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    Somalia and the terrorist -By Abdiaziz "Afrika"

    Somalia has been for a period of longtime battling with terror movement which has connection with Alqaida [Alshabab].

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Somalia has been for a period of longtime battling with terror movement which has connection with Alqaida [Alshabab].

For years this extremist and radical group has been carrying out terror acts in the country [Somalia] and its neigbours, this evil acts have left terror instincts in the hearts and minds of the Somalis and the other communities in the region. 

This has given them to have unidentified  hideouts, where no one can say where on earth they are located, and the reason as to why this has happened is because of how they treat and deal with people whom they think that they are opposed to their Islamicalized  acts which are absolutely beyond the pious Islamic religion. 

In the past recent months there have been some facts reports that some of the Alshabab fighters have defected from the group and declared that they have tied the knot with ISIS group, which themselves have defected from Alqaida in the year 2014, and crowned themselves to be an Islamic state. 

The declaration of this group ISIS has started from claiming Syria and Iraq and now it has extended to as far as Somalia.

The Opportunities of the terror groups in Somalia

Geographically Somalia falls in the eastern part of the African continent and its population are absolutely Muslims and their vision are basically based tribe and another tribe which believes that a certain tribe has usurped the wealth of the country. 

The majority of the Somali people are nomads, with all these behaviors it has given smooth access for the radical fanatics to seek heaven in Somalia, which is suitable strategy for their terror missions in the region wide. 

They have installed in the brains of the Somali people that their wicked evil acts as Islamic religion, but gradually the Somalis understood that their ideology is absolutely not in line with Islamic religion. 

But the when the Somali people understood the evil ideology of the terrorist is of course when things were completely out of control, and they had their roots down deep in the ground, and yet even those who welcomed them and supported their ideas can do nothing about them. 

One of the men who hosted the figures who were the founders of Alshabab in his house, while people didn’t know their vision has now fled from Mogadishu and cannot go and live in the house which he used to keep them, because of fearing them.  

This clearly indicates how everybody who used to support the terrorist is now regretting when of course they are now beyond the reaching point. 

The tribes are among the opportunities which are allow the terrorists to get protections, and there are several reason for these such as the Somali figures who were leading the terrorists have got safe haven from their own tribes, and convinced their tribes that their guests should not be violated at any cost. 

The second point is that these tribes have seen the terrorists as an additional strength which their tribes got to overpower the other tribes, while some others had the intention to use the terrorist mainly for revenge purposes. 

With all these companied opportunities allowed the terrorists to have easy safe haven in Somalia, and they have as well spoilt the Somali name, for instance if you are travelling around and you are asked your nationality and you say that you are Somali, automatically the person asking will think that you are a terrorists or a pirate and so forth, these has all become a sign for the Somalis and defamers are the terrorists. 

Making chances out of Somalis who didn’t understand their motives and objectives of the terrorists they have made everything possible which was not known in Somalia before, they have changed the minds of the children with deaths such as suicides. 

They told the children that they will enter paradise, and nobody can tell the other if he or she will enter paradise it is only God who knows, and for this to happen every Muslim should come up with good deeds.

They brained washed the children and told them that the evil acts will lead them to paradise, where on earth did they bring from this faith which says kill yourself and kill many others and you will enter Paradise. The risks of the terrorist did not only remain in Somalia, they have shifted it to the region such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda and so other more countries, and by doing this it has forced the countries in the region to forcefully enter Somalia in purse of terrorists and this has degraded the sovereignty of Somalia b y invading its soil without permission, and this eventually resulted dispute over the Somali territory and its ocean.


Alshabab has officially joined Alqaida network in the year 2012, shortly after the death of Osama Bin Ladin, but the group had the ambition to join Alqaida since from 2009 after their leader was killed, Ahmed Godane sent a message in which he is appreciating the activities of Alqaida and asked to be part of the cell. 

Godane was someone who took his training in Afghanistan in the late 90s, and in that case he thought himself that he has the legitimate right to join Alqaida. Although Alshabab has not joined Alqaida during Bin Ladin’s time, they again had special interests and collaborations, and during those days there were very important persons of Alqaida who were in Somalia namely Fazul Abdalla and Sallah Nabhan who were both killed in Somalia in different scenarios.  

Fazul was Alqaida’s representative for East Africa, and he is believed to be than man who was against Alshabab to join Alqaida, because he thought that Alshabab is not worthy to be trusted.

ISIS & Somalia

We have been suffering from the effects of Alqaida and now there is another new cell which has called itself ISIS, and the Alshabab of Somalia who were formally ally with Alqaida are now gradually moving into ISIS. 

There is a great contest within Alshabab one group wants to remain in Alqaida while the other wants to join ISIS, and this can result the group to be divided into two.

ISIS is intending to have supporters within Alshabab and the reason behind this is very clear, because Alshabab is the largest terror group in east and central Africa. ISIS formally got support from the largest West Africa terror group that is the BOKO Haram of Nigeria which over 6,000 fighters and a land of 20,000km square. 

 ISIS which is a group which has crowned itself as an Islamic state wants to extend itself in Africa and Iraq and not only in Syria, they had initially had effects in Libya and  the proceeded in some parts of West Africa and now their ambition is East Africa. If this happens it will make ISIS to be the most powerful terror group, more than even Alqaida, the capacity of Alqaida has been tremendously declining since the death of their leader Bin Ladin. 

The leader of Alshabab who is now on bargaining Aqaida is intending to disregard the offer which is coming from ISIS, and as well their fighters, they see Alqaida to be advanced economically and military than ISIS. 

Alshabab has executed some of their members who have declared that they are part of ISIS, while the whereabouts some of them are still not known. Likewise Alshabab has arrested some foreign fighters whom they suspected to be joining ISIS in an unknown jail, and eventually they will kill these foreigners. 

To where are we going?

For now we have reached at a stage where we can know where the final destination is, and of course this will lead as at a point where the existence of Somalia will be at stake. At the end of the day we might be given irrelevant names which will definitely agitate us, and can do nothing about it.

It will make us all refugees and our country will be for sure be no man’s land, and for us to overcome this we have to know the grass root of this projects which are being Islamicalized.


Somalia has been a country which was in tribal and political anarchy for over quarter century, and in the past 10 years the country has been in religious anarchy which has resulted a worshiper coming out from the mosque to be gunned down, justifying that he is an infidel. 

Most of the Somalis are now anxious about if the dreams of ISIS comes true and they shift their gears to Somalia, and we know for sure ISIS is more worse than Alqaida, for instance ISIS burn alive human being beyond even recognition 

Panned by Abdiaziz  Mohamud Guled "Afrika”

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