Somalia: The Black Profile of Ali Wajiis

Saturday November 07, 2015 - 11:45:23 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somalia: The Black Profile of Ali Wajiis – His name is Ali Wajiis. He is from Abgal sub-clan of Warsengeli, however, we want to introduce you an astonishing thing which marked his dark history.

    Share on Twitter Share on facebook Share on Digg Share on Stumbleupon Share on Delicious Share on Google Plus – His name is Ali Wajiis. He is from Abgal sub-clan of Warsengeli, however, we want to introduce you an astonishing thing which marked his dark history. On October 1989, Mr Wajis issued a fatwa tribe saying it was permissible to shed blood of Gaalgalo tribe, called for raping their girls and to be taken their property as bounty.

In March 1990, Mr Wajis  passed a fatwa that the property of Mareehan tribe was permissible could be confiscated, and their women and girls can be taken as slaves.

Wajiis was the man allowed the massacre in Mogadishu in which hundreds of people of Gaalgalo tribe were executed in the 1990s.

Many Somali people were astonished when they saw what Ali Wajiis did during the campaign against Gaalgalo tribe. He was coming out from prayer when he encountered gangs that were raping a girl he yelled to be stopped, but when he was told that the girl was from Gaalgalo tribe he simply asked to be held the Qur’an.

He participated in the gang-raping because the girl was not from his own tribe.

In 1992, Wajiis gave a speech during the war between Abgal and Habar Gidir in which he said that he met with the president Ali Mahdi and the guy, he meant General Aideed. He said President Ali Mahdi accepted our recommendations.

He continued to say,  "how could we  be able to find a paradise a tribe that Allah made their fate enter into hell. How could they return to  their land which still exists the same stones and hunger that they fled from after they saw and tested the bananas and mangoes of ours?”

In 2006, A fatwa attributed to Ali Wajiis of Abgaal, which allowed to be killed any person that opposed to the government of Ali Gedi. He was fulfilling the orders of his tribesman, PM Ali Mohammed Ghedi.

In 2014, Wajiis refuted a report released by the UN monitoring group which was presented evidence that Mr. Muse Ganjab was affiliated with Al-Shabaab. His decision to defend Mr. Gabjab was driven by tribal chauvinism.

November 2015, Wajiis supported a Christain missionary, Mohamed Ajib, in Somalia merely he comes from his same clan. He called him a good man who is preaching good deeds.

The bribed Wajiis threatened Dahir Alasow if he did not stop attacking Mr. Ajiib. He said that the Somali scholars would issue a fatwa.

He was caught making love affairs with the daughter of his divorced wife, Ilhan Ahmed Nur which muted him.

Wajis was given accommodation in Naasa-Hablood hotel to get his share from the raised money in the name of the Somali orphans. The NGO is named Al-Ihsan and its chairman is Abdulkadir Osoble.

A Turkish man carrying his share of that money was arrested in the Mogadishu International airport.

Ali Wajiis has been operating as a Saudi Arabia informant since 1984. He has served as a Middle East advisor to Presidents:  Ali Mahdi, Abdi Qasim, Sharif Ahmed and Hasssan Mohamoud.

He chaired a splitter Al-Etihad group known as Ansarul Sunnah who works to bring up their interest.

Somali Sheikh will soon issue Fatwa against him since his actions are contrary to what he claims.


By Shamis Abdalla

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