Somalia:Who is the head of Uganda-based terrorists?

Saturday August 29, 2015 - 12:44:20 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somalia:Who is the head of Uganda-based terrorists?

    Who is the head of Uganda-basedTerrorists Khadar Warjiid? How many nom de guerra names does he use?

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Who is the head of Uganda-basedTerrorists Khadar Warjiid? How many nom de guerra names does he use? - His mother migrated to US in 2005.He was about to accompany his mother, his sister and the children of his late sister who were taken to US under the refugee resettlement scheme in 2005. 

However, things didnt go the way he wished. He was stopped at Entebbe airport, with US officials saying that his name is in the list of people who are wanted on terrorism activities wreaking havoc  in East Africa.

He's a shrewd man using many aliases to disguise his identity. Khadar Hassan Warjiid was using the name Ali Mohamed by then. 

He was born in the fertile Adan Yabaal district in Middle Shabelle region, Somalia.  He lived in Mogadishu’s Hawlwadaag district for sometime throughout 1984-1989.  He was on the intelligence circles' radar for sometime as he was suspected of being part of terrorist networks who carried out and financed the devastated attacks on US embassies in Nairobi and Daresalam 1998.  A lon investigation by Waagacusub discovered that he currently the alien name given to him by Alqaeda  "Ali Mohamed or Ali Khadar".

Khadar Warjiid who received training and fought in Pakistan and  Afghanistan alongside terrorist fighters  earned his moniker from his experience fighting with al Qaeda. He also fought in Eritrea and Kashmir, a terrorism activity which lent him a credibility and reputation among militant as being an important  member of Al-Shabaab’s hard-line faction that focuses on global jihad.

Khadar hails from Hawiye, Abgaal, Harti Abgaal, with the subclan of Awbakar gaabane.  His Lexus car was bought by businessmen who provide financial support to Al-Shabab, notably Ibrahim Hersi Galow, head of Dahabshiil branch in Uganda, and his business associates in Uganda and South Sudan.  He previously used to drive white Toyota saloon car.  He is in-charge of Al Shabab for Uganda immigration issues since he is a member of Somali embassy in Kampala staff.

Khadar Hassan Warjiid got married in 2009 to a lady named Naleey Irbad who hails from Abgaal,Waceysle, Abdirahman Sub-clan. She has two daughters and 1 son for him.

Waagacusub media has learned that one of his main duties is to monitor AMISOM troops movement to and from Uganda.

On the other hand, Somali government’s secrecy is in bare hands as it simply goes to Al Shabab.  Mr. Warjiid has played a major in transiting one of Al Shabab officials, Hassan Wiif, to South Sudan, where the group has established a major hideout using business covers.

Our investigation has discovered that   clandestine operations are going on there.  Khadar constantly bribes officials from Uganda police and intelligence, however, as our investigation on that is progressing we’ll publish their names once Waagacusub Media investigative report has been concluded.

By Dahir Alasow

[email protected]

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