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Somalia:Deplore the government violations of human rights principles safeguarded in our Provisional Constitution

Wednesday July 29, 2015 - 02:26:17 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somalia:Deplore the government violations of human rights principles safeguarded in our Provisional Constitution


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Whereas THE FORUM FOR UNITY AND DEMOCRACY (FUD) is a forum and political umbrella for various political groups and parliamentary caucuses, representing the Somali political spectrum.

Whereas THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC COALITION (NDC) is also a forum and political umbrella for various political groups and parliamentary caucuses, representing the Somali political spectrum.

Whereas the FUD and NDC having discussed the political, security, and economic situation and the issues facing the country,have become convinced that Somalia is going on a perilous course at this critical time and accordingly make the following statement:

Acknowledge the principles contained in Vision 2016 and the New Deal Compact in which the government committed to a set of important political, constitutional, security and economic milestones and related reforms so as to create a conducive environment for fair and free elections in the fall of 2016;

Concerned that the current leadership in Somalia has utterly failed to advance the objects of the Provisional Constitution, the principles contained in Vision 2016, a document which the government single-handedly developed and committed to in September 2013, and also the major commitments it entered into under the New Deal Compact document; whereas, these objects, principles, and commitments were meant to enable the country to go through important political, constitutional, security and economic milestones, and complete the consequent reforms necessary in these sectors, and usher in a stable environment for fair and free elections in the fall of 2016. Whereas, the implementation process of Vision 2016 has become a monopoly and a tool for power grabbing and an illegal extension by the President. As such, the process has lost the trust of the political stakeholders and the Somali public;

Alarmed by the outright manipulation of the selection process of the constitutionally mandated commissions and the compromising of their independence and integrity and the failure to consult with regional states and national stakeholders as required by the Provisional Constitution;

Assert and inform the Somali public that the newly formed sham National Electoral Commission, the equally sham commissions such as the Boundaries and Federations Commission, the Judicial Service Commission and the 5 member Constitutional Implementation Commission are all constituted in an illegal and unconstitutional manner and are therefore illegal. These Commissions were not designed to advance the interests of the Somali public, such interests as peace, democracy, justice and equality, but were cynically formed to serve as vehicles for corruption, injustice and vote rigging;

Concerned by the failure of the national leadership to engage in genuine political outreach, consultations, and political reconciliation with the regional states and with the national political stakeholders and civil society;

Convinced that the President has failed to safeguard the national unity of the country and the harmony of the Somali people as was mandated to him as President by the Provisional Constitution;

Condemn the President’s continuing dictatorial behavior, unconstitutional exercise of power and interference with the national institutions such as the Parliament, Judiciary, and the Executive. The president has usurped Executive authority and wrestled it repeatedly from successive Prime Ministers when Article 97 of the Provisional Constitution clearly stipulates that Executive authority of the government is vested in the Council of Ministers. The result has been the endless infighting between the President and Prime Ministers in the past three years, an infighting that has caused political gridlock and inertia in government business;

Affirm that the process of regional state formation has been compromised by the vested political interests of the leadership, a lack of transparency and the absence of a meaningful and genuine reconciliation process. This flawed process has created inter and intra-community conflicts within and between the regional states, placing the spirit of the Federation at risk;

Underline the fact that the President has failed to foster political inclusivity that is stipulated in Vision 2016 and the New Deal documents; as some dimensions of PSG1 of the New Deal Compact specifically emphasize political inclusivity, political outreach and political reconciliation with the regional states;

Alarmed by the rampant and institutionalized corruption of public resources by state leaders ranging from outright siphoning of money from the treasury as well as from other outlets, illegally auctioning off public lands and signing of international contracts without proper procurement processes and procedures;

Deplore the government violations of human rights principles safeguarded in our Provisional Constitution, as there is irrefutable evidence of arbitrary arrest of civilians and media workers, trial of civilians in military courts, and the execution of some of these civilians tried in military courts. The leadership has engaged in conducts of intimidation in order suppress opposition, free media and curtail freedom of expression;



THE FUD AND NDC are of the view that the country is heading in a perilous direction due to the failure of the current leadership which has failed to advance the objectives of the Provisional Constitution, further national unity and harmony, and implement the critical national agenda envisioned under the Vision 2016 document. Because of the urgency of the matters mentioned above, FUD and NDC:

Call for a concerted and renewed political engagement by all Somali political stakeholders including those from the federal government and regional states, political parties/fora and the civil society in order to unite and act on a common platform to collectively address the impending political crisis;

Call for all stakeholders to convene a National Political Dialogue (NPD) within a short period of time in a venue acceptable to the various segments of the political and civil spectrum. The NPD shall deliberate on the way forward for the national political agenda leading to an accountable, responsible and democratically elected governance;

Call for the international partners to support an inclusive political dialogue driven by the Somalis that aims to come up with fresh, re-focused and re-prioritized approach to the Vision 2016 exit strategy, that is credible and practical;




Iyadoo MADASHA MIDNIMADA IYO DIMOQRAADIYADU (MMD) tahay Madal iyo Dallad siyaasadeed oo ay ku bahoobeen Ururro Siyaasadeed, Siyaasiyiin iyo xubna ka tirsan Baarlamaanka Dawladda Federaalka Somalia oo ka wakiil ah Umadda Somaliyed.

Iyadoo ISBAHAYSIGA QARANIMADA IYO DIMOQRAADIYADU yahay Isbahaysi iyo Dallad siyaasadeed oo ay ku bahoobeen Ururro Siyaasadeed, Siyaasiyiin iyo xubna ka tirsan Baarlamaanka Dawladda Federaalka Somalia oo ka wakiil ah Umadda Somaliyed.

Iyadoo labada Madallood markay isla falanqeeyeen xaaladda Dalku maanta ku sugan yahay, gaar ahaan, dhinacyada siyaasadda, nabadgelyada, dhaqaalaha iyo arrimaha bulshada iyo hawlaha baaxadda weyn leh oo ina horyaalla, waxay ku qanceen in Somalia la marin habaabiyey ayna ku socoto waddadii burburka iyo dibudhaca. Sidaas darteedna waxay caddaynayaan arrimaha hoos ku qoran:

Waxaan qiraynaa mabaadi’da ay xambaarsanaayeen barnaamijka Aragtida 2016 iyo Barnaamijka Higsiga Cusub oo ay Dawladda Federaalku ballan qaadday inay guulo la taaban karo ka soo hoyiso dhinacyada Siyaasadda, Dastuurka, Nabadgelyada iyo dhaqaalaha oo ay samayso isbeddel Dalka gaarsiiya in la qabto doorasho xor ah oo xalaal ah 2016.

Waxaan ka xunnahay in madaxda hoggaanka u haysa Somalia ay ku fashilmeen hirgelinta iyo horumarinta Dastuurka, mabaadi’dii ku qeexnayd Aragtida 2016 oo ah qoraal ay Dawladda keligeed samaysay ballanna ku qaadday hirgelintiisa bishii September 2013. Sidoo kale waxay Dawladdu ku fashilantay ballamadii ay qaadday inay fulinayaan Heshiisyadii Higsiga cusub oo ay galeen. Heshiisyadaas ay Dawladdu gashay iyo ballamadii ay qaadday waxaa loola jeedey in lagu horumariyo arrimaha siyaasadda, nabadgelyada iyo dhaqaalaha, lana gaaro guulo la taaban karo oo Dalka u keena horumar iyo xasillooni siyaasadeed iyo jawi lagu qaban karo doorasho xor ah oo xalaal ah 2016. Iyadoo qaabka loo hirgelinayo barnaamijka Aragtida 2016 uu noqday mid ku kooban Madaxda keliya uuna Madaxwynuhu ka dhigtay aalad uu awoodda si sharci darro ah ugu maroorsado. Sidaas darteed, hab dhaqanka Madaxda Dawladda waxaa ka aamin baxay daneeyayaasha siyaasadda Somalia iyo shacabka Somalida.

Waxaan la fajacney sida aan gabbashada lahayn oo Madaxda Dawladdu u maroorsatay nidaamkii lagu magacaabi lahaa Guddiyada Dastuuriga ah taasoo shuhubeysey madax bannaanida iyo hufnaanta Guddiyadaas iyadoo la geesmaray la tashidgii hay’adaha Qaranka ee Dastuurka ku meel gaarka ahi jideeyey.

Waxaan caddaynaynaa oo u sheegeynaa Shacbiga Somaliyed in Guddi ku sheegyadii dhowaan la dhoodhoobay oo ay ka mid yihiin Guddiga Madaxa bannaan oo Doorashooyinka, Guddiga Xuduudaha, Guddiga adeegga Garsoorka iyo shanta xubnood ee Guddiga Dastuurka ay dhammaantood yihiin sharci darro mana waafaqsana Dastuurka ku meel gaarka ah. Guddiyadaas looma samayn danta guud ee Ummadda Somaliyed sida horumarinta nabadda, Dimoqoraadiyada, sinaanta iyo caddaalada. Laakiin waxaa si khiyaama ah loogu samaystay in loogu adeegto qaab musuq maasuq, caddaalad darro iyo cod ku shubasho ah.

Waxaan ka walaacsannahay in Madaxda Qaranku ku guul darraysatay inay la timaado siyaasad ku dhisan niyad sami, wadatashi iyo isu tanaasul siyaasadeed oo ay la yeelato Dawlad Goboleedyada iyo hey’adaha siyaasadeed ee Qaranka iyo Bulshada rayadka ah.

Waxaan ku qanacsannahay in Madaxweynuhu uu ku guul darraystay ilaalinta midnimada Qaranka iyo nabad ku wada noolaanshaha ummadda Somaliyed. Xilkaas uu ku fashilmay waa kan dastuuriyan loogu idmaday oo ay ahayd inuu fuliyo.

Waxaan cambaaraynaynaa dhaqanka keli talisnimada ee Madaxweynaha, amar ku taaglayn iyo adeegsiga awoodo aan Dastuurku u bannayn, fara gelin joogta ah oo uu ku hayo hay’adaha Qaranka sida Baarlamaanka, Garsoorka iyo Hay’adda fulinta. Madaxweynuhu wuxuu boobay awoodii hawl fulinta Golaha Wasiirrada oo dhalisay iska horimaad isaga iyo Ra’isul Wasaarayaal dhawr ah, iyadoo ay si cad ugu qeexantahay Qodobka 97aad ee Dastuurka ku meel gaarka ah in awooda fulinta ee Dawlada ay tahay masuuliyada Golaha Wasiirrada. Xadgudubkaas Madaxweynuhu wuxuu keenay in saddexdii sano ee la soo dhaafay lagu mashquulo dagaal iyo iska hor imaad dhex mara isaga iyo Ra’isul Wasaarayaashiisa oo sababay in hawlihii Dawladdu curyaamaan wakhti qaalli ahina dhumo.

Waxaan xaqiijinaynaa in samaynta Dawlad Goboleedyada ay dheehday danta gaarka ah ee siyaasadeed ee madaxda Dawladda, daahfurnaan la’ aan iyo iyadoon la isku hawlin dib u heshiisiin dhab ah. Qaabkan qaldan waxaa ka dhashay colaad dhex marta beelaha wada dega iyo Dawlad Goboleedyada taasi oo khatar gelineysa nuxurkii nidaamka Federaalka ee Dastuuriga ah.

Waxaan hoosta ka xarriiqaynaa xaqiiqada ah inuu Madaxweynuhu ku fashilmay dhiirrigelinta siyaasad loo dhan yahay taasi oo ku cad Barnaamijka Aragtida 2016 iyo qoraallada Higsiga Cusub. Sida runta ah, qayba ka mid ah yoolka nabadda iyo Dawlad dhisida (PSG1) ee Higsiga Cusub ayaa si gaar ugu nuuxnuuxsanaya muhimada siyaasadda loo dhan yahay, hanuuninta siyaasada iyo heshiis siyaasadeed oo lala galo Dawlad Goboleedyada.

Waxaan la yaabbannahay baahsanaanta musuqmaasuqa iyadoo Madaxda Qaranku xalaalaysteen xatooyada xoolaha Ummadda iyadoo la xadayo lacagtii khasnada soo gashay iyo tan taalla goobaha dhaqaalaha cashuurtu ka soo galo, iyadoo si sharci darro ah loo xaraashayo dhulkii danta guud ee ahaa hantida Dadweynaha iyo iyadoo la bixinayo qandaraasyo aan loo marin wax sharci ah.

Waxaan cambaaraynaynaa xadgudubka joogtada ah oo Dawladdu ku hayso mabaadi’da xuquuqda aadanaha oo ku qeexan Dastuurka Kumeel gaarka ah, iyadoo la hayo caddaymo aan la defiri karin oo ah in la iska xiro dadka rayadka ah iyo shaqaalaha war baahinta, dad rayad ah oo maxkamad ciidan xakuntay, iyo dil toogasho ah oo lagu fuliyey dad rayad ah oo maxkamad militari xakuntay. Madaxda Qaranku waxay adeegsadaan hanjabaado iyo caga jugleyn si loo cabburiyo mucaaradka, warbaahinta xorta ah iyo in la joojiyo xorriyada hadalka.



MMD IYO IQD waxay la tahay in Dalkeenu halis ku jiro sababtuna tahay fashilka ku yimid Madaxda Waddanka hadda maamusha iyagoo ku guul darraystay hirgelinta ujeeddooyinka Dastuurka ku meel gaarka ah, dhawrista midnimada iyo wadajirka, iyo hirgelinta agendaha Qaran ee ku xusan qoraallada Barnaamijka Aragtida 2016. Baahida deg deg wax uga qabasho ee arrimaha kor ku xusan awgood, MMD iyo IQD:

Waxay ku baaqaynaa in si wada jir ah loogu hawl galo siyaasad cusub oo ay ka qayb qaataan dhammaan Somalida siyaasadda danaysa oo ay ku jiraan Dawladda Federaalka iyo Dawlad Goboleedyada, xisbiyada siyaasadeed/Madallada iyo Bulshada rayadka ah si loo midoobo loona yeesho hadaf midaysan oo si wadajir ah loogu hawl galo ka hortagga khatarta Dalka ku soo fool leh.

Waxaan ugu baaqaynaa dhammaan daneeyayaasha siyaasadda Somalia inay isugu yimaadaan gogol Qaran oo looga tashado aayaha Waddankeenna muddo yar gudeheed, laguna qabto goob ay oggol yihiin dhammaan ka qayb galayaasha gogoshu. Gogosha wada tashiga Qaran waxaa lagu gorfaynayaa sidii loo horumarin lahaa siyaasad ku salaysan agenda Qaran oo u gogol xaarta yagleelida Dawlad si dimoqoraadi ah loo soo doortay kuna shaqaysa falsafadda ah in awoodda ugu weyn uu Dadku leeyahay.

Waxaan ugu baaqaynaa Bulshada Caalamka inay taageeraan wada hadal siyaasadeed oo loo dhan yahay oo Somalidu hoggaamineyso ujeedadiisuna tahay in la helo fikrad cusub oo mar kale diiradda lagu saarayo laguna qiimaynayo Barnaamijka Aragtida 2016 iyo sidii loogu soo afjari lahaa si caqli gal iyo suurta gal ah.



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