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List of innocent People Killed by Al-Shabab extremists 2009 in Somalia

Sunday June 27, 2010 - 22:53:47 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    List of innocent People Killed by Al-Shabab extremists 2009 in Somalia

    By Somali Journalist Abdulkadir Jimale before its news

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By Somali Journalist Abdulkadir Jimale before its news

Mogadishu, Sunatimes- Somali government officials told Before Itfs News the people who have been killed by Al-Shabab 2009 southern Somalia.


9 persons that were beheaded by Alshabab on 25th Nov 2009 at Bibi village of Afmadow district: (Abdi Ali, Mohamed Yusuf, Khadar Mohamed, Ali Nuriye, Abdi Bashir, Ismail Muse, Qorane Hussein and Hassan Sheik Mohamed)

On 15th February 2010, Gabow Bare was beheaded by Alshabab at Diif village.

On 25 February 2010, Mohamed Hussein Ali was beheaded in Dobley after he was alleged to have celebrated and welcomed Hizbul Islam when they briefly seized the town.

On 27th February 2010, Omar Mohamed Abdulahi (Faruk) was beheaded in Diif town by Alshabab when they carried out an operation in pursuit of Hezbul Islam militias who were based around the town.

On 5th Mar 2010, Amina Janagale was beheaded in Dhobley by Alshabab militia after she allegedly supported their rival group (Hizbul-Islam) when the latter had taken control of the town some weeks back. The murdered woman was a mother of 4 and had been reported for missing 3 days till pastoralists found her body dumped in the bush about 7kms outskirts of north side of the town.

Shooting with life bullets:

On September 2008, Mr. Ilyas Abdi who was a member of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) was assassinated in Kismayo. Alshabab claimed the responsibility.

On September 2008, Abdinor Haad Yasin was twice shot on the head in Currency Exchange Market of Kismayo town by gunman who managed to escape. The Deceased person was alleged to be one of the top members of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) before he was killed by Shababs.

On 27 October 2008, 13-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was killed by a group of 50 men who stoned her to death in a stadium in the southern port of Kismayu, in front of around 1,000 spectators. She was accused of adultery in breach of Islamic law but, her father and other sources told that she had in fact been raped by three men, and had attempted to report this rape to the al-Shabab militia who control Kismayo, and it was this act that resulted in her being accused of adultery and detained. None of men she accused of rape were arrested.

On 17 January 2009, Alshabab shot dead Ahmed Haji Waldire, the former spokesman of Juba Valley Alliance (JVA) after been sentenced in false court in Kismayo alleged him of spying for Barre Hirale.

On 19th October 2009, a prominent elder of Lower Juba Haji Daud Dirir Guled was assassinated by Alshabab in Kismayo when he drew from mosque at noon prayers. Mr. Dirir arrived Kismayo from Bardere town of Gedo region 4 days before he was killed. During his presence Alshabab ordered him to leave the town within a given time alleged him of been sent by Ethiopian Government.

On 19th Feb 2010, a man was shot dead by Alshabab militias at the road between kismayu and Kamsuma Bridge after he was found setting up a road block and collecting money from public transport vehicles. The dead body was sanctioned to be buried.

On 20th Feb 2010, Abdi Garane, a pastoralist who was killed in the outskirts of Buale town by Alshabab after he refused to pay Zakat (compulsory alms) from his livestock claiming he already paid.

Source: BIN

Abdulkarim Jimale


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