Is Somalia For Sale�?

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    Is Somalia For Sale�?

    By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan- Keydmedia - Virginia, Sunatimes is warning the Somali legislative leaders to agree and choose their best leader(s) who can lead the country and save the nation. The country is being depopulated thorough hunger and politic

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Obama,Banki Moon and Mahiga
By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan- Keydmedia - Virginia, Sunatimes is warning the Somali legislative leaders to agree and choose their best leader(s) who can lead the country and save the nation. The country is being depopulated thorough hunger and political instability and lack of job opportunity.

Mogadishu (Sunatimes)The future technocrats of the country are decimated by al-Shabaab and their sponsors, and the parochial leaders are putting their interest ahead of the national one. We advise the Somali leaders to come back to their senses�!

You don�t have much time to strangle each other in the hope of getting away of your power exploitation and ruling on a few enclaves.

The Somali masses are not aware of what could happen to their country as the current leaders are holding at the end of the rope.

How long the current leaders can survive, while mishandling the aspirations of the people is a matter of time.

How long the world community is willing to support and clean up our mess is questionable, but we are approaching to the dead end, and pretty soon we will not be able to have a second chance�! Time is ticking and the fate of the country is hanging on a thin thread, while other contenders are putting the last touch up of their plans and taking over the country for good.

Pretty soon, Somalia shall be marketed and be sold to potential bidder(s).

This new initiative is necessitated by way of the World order and stability. We have to put our house in order, otherwise others are ready to replace the parochial leadership of the country, ship out the inefficient legislative body, abolish the federal system that failed to attain of regaining peace and stability in the country.

Let�s dismantle the precarious federal system and accept the fact that Somalis cannot govern itself and educate the young generation.

Yes, Somalis are endangered species who are in the brink of extinction unless they are rescued from themselves and resurrected by the Security Council of the United Nations in concert with some neutral heads of African countries.

Most likely, the gavel of the auctioneer is about to fall soon and the local self-conflicting politicians and the country as a whole shall be put under the tutelage of the New World Order, which translates to a mitigated New Colonialism, but with different tools. How long will it take to become eligible to regain the lost national identity? Well, that will be up to the new masters to decide the rebirth of the country.

What has precipitated the demise of Somalia is the adoption of Kampala Accord hammered out in foreign soil by UN SRSG Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga in concert with President Museveni of Uganda and Mr. Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Our leaders were merely by standers during the fateful meeting, and the Prime minister resigned under the threat of a Ugandan general holding a pistol on his head. The infringement of Somali sovereignty has been subsequently augmented by the tricky Road Map design, which legitimizes the sale out process. Who killed the hope and the aspirations of the nation?

The majority of the legislators are to be blamed for the premature death of the country�s sovereignty by compromising their legislative role and serving as a rubber stamp for the TFG (Transitional Federal Government). They sold the country by pocketing a handful of hush money paid by the TFG leaders.

The intellectual cabinet ministers accepted the sale out deal and sealed the prospect of nationhood. And thus the Road Map nailed the coffin of the nation.

How to save the endangered nation is beyond the grasp of the Somali leaders as they have shown time and again that they are not capable brokering peace and stability good for the nation. In fact, they are the big factors that contribute the disharmony of the national aspiration. Why? The simple fact is that the ruling elite do not want transparence and accountability.

We are just asking the simple transaction formalities: Is it going to be a partial sale out�? Is it going to be a national whole sale deal...? Will a temporary new identity be helpful to the fate of the failed state�? These details are under review and the World-wide public will learn facts prior August, 2012. Before then, everything else is highly speculative until that date.

In the meantime, we can only inquire the roots of the Somali tragedy: What causes the negation of a sovereign nation in a 3rd World Country�?

Who are the prospective buyers�? Who is the auctioning agency�? Who are the commissionaires of the transaction deal�? Who are the stockholders�? How high is the current bidding stack�? Who are the enforcers of business transaction�?

Well, auctioning of an independent nation has no precedent in the annals of history, nor it is part of the UN Chart.

However, the current TFG authority is partially responsible for the sale out of Somalia, but it is heavily influenced by coveting East African leaders in concert with the SRSG Office in Nairobi. In the case of Somalia, the sale of a former independent country is doable and it substantiated by the world politics. Our current politicians are only rolling the carpet for the conclusion of a speedy deal.

Since the inception of the UN body right after the 2nd WW, the UN mandate has been targeted mainly on humanitarian undertaking, while serving a deterrent tool at times: However, it became an effective means of Keeping peace and harmony among nations. UN protected and legitimized the aspirations of the emerging nations, while upholding freedom and the human rights.

The UN fed the hungry and prevented the rise of epidemic diseases, promoted the dignity of human being, while upholding the emancipation of women and minority entities. The UN charter invested heavily on education, innovation on science, technology and arts, while working hard on conflict resolution, whether these are regional or international crises, etc�

However, after 65 years of humanitarian service, The UN has to reinvent itself and take a new profile by adopting a new approach of pretending to save countries in crises-like Somalia. If the old methods fail, then it has to come up with a new formula good for backing up economic crises of some European nations. The new formula is also viable Somalia and it could save the country from itself.

The best tool in the possession of the UN is what is called �The New World Order,� in which Somalia happens to be the 1st candidate in the pipeline. The transfer of the country and its sovereignty could prove rocky in early stages, but good for the buyer(s) as well as the sold out country.

The new sale out process is doable in the long run. Yes, Somalia is going to accept the role of a sacrificing lamb tied at the altar of experimentation. But who are the winners�? And who are the losers�? Time will tell the details.

Reinventing Somalia�

There are two choice less options for reinventing about Somalia. One way is to put the country under a direct European rule for the sake of stability, development and exploitation.

The likely beneficiaries are those who are experiencing economic hardship, such as: Greek, Iceland, Spain, Portugal or even Italy. The UN Security Council will legitimize the rescinding of Somalia�s former status as an independent country into a nation in perils.

The new ruler(s) will restrain the security of the country and develop Somalia�s vast natural resources in record time in order to write off their deep economic crises.

The outcome is a two way system beneficial for both countries: The adopted nation will benefit from the technology transfer, job opportunities and national development. It will bring forth the rule of good governance and less local conflicts. It rules the end of national famine and child starvation.

The new economic boom will catapult Somalia into the vanguard of East African economy. The European technology will eventually grease the failing economic system of adopting country. This scenario will transform Somalia into a new nation.

No more parochial politician vying for corrupt money and power grapping. No more sponsoring al-Shabab to kill the future of the country. No more spoilers and political extortionists manipulating the stability of the country. No more stagnant economy and lack of educational inputs.

However, the current politicians will learn an honest trade and find out a way of situating themselves to the new reality. Taking note of Somalia�s uncertain future, this approach is a win-win situation.

Partitioning of Somalia�?

The front runners among the East African countries include: Ethiopia who wants to carve the biggest slice of the country that includes: Puntland, Galmudug, Hiran and Somaliland. Kenya wants to grab Garbaharey, Bay, Bakool and Jubba land regions. And Uganda holds Mogadishu and will stay put there, and perhaps, will take over the nearby regions, like: Lower Shabelle and Central Shabelle.

But there the Supper Bidding Countries, who are not in short supply of capital, technology and political support of other the western countries, including the veto power holding countries. These hopeful bidders are: Spain, Greek, Iceland, and Portugal and, perhaps Italy, who is claiming the legitimacy of ruling Somalia as a former colonial power of the southern part of the Somalia.

The Worst Scenario

Say that the winning bidders are Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. The country is partitioned among the respective countries that shall impose strict rule under their administration.

The winners will agree on a system of coexistence and cooperation and will rule the country into quasi-3rd world servitude, and UN will legitimize the artificial set up as a way of prefect regional stability. This option will increase the menace of al-Shabaab and will decrease the problem of piracy.

The current leaders will be reinstated in positions of lesser profile and each one will opt out to serve a master of his preference. However, don�t expect to enjoy personal wealthy and rapid national development from 3rd World colonial masters.

Who are the Auctioneers & who are the Stock Holders�?

From the Somali side, the front runners of the auction and stockholders are the promoters of Somali demise and include: The leaders of the TFG establishment, the majority of the legislators who are the political supporters of Sherif Sheikh Ahmed, the President of the TFG and Sherif Sheikh Adan, the speaker of the Parliament, who is also the concurrent president of the TFG.

There is the shadow president of TFG I who outshines among the lot. And then there�s the current Prime Minister professor Abdiweli M. Caligas who seals the destiny of Somalia behind the screens.

The foreign auctioning partners include: The Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga, the SRSG of the Secretary General of the UN. H.E. Mr. Museveni, the President of Uganda. Mr. Meles Zenawi, the prime Minister of Ethiopia, the President of Kenya, the President of Rwanda and other sympathetic AU heads of states.

The Enforcing Authority�?

The Ugandan army stationed in Mogadishu will oversee the transfer of identity and keep law and order until stability is well rooted in the country. In the case of a European country taking over the rule of the country, the Ugandan army will stay there under the supervision of European military establishment until AMISOM is shown the way out and return home.

It is expected to be an easy hand over process where the new subjects have no voice to object the new rule, but they will not be alone in the long run. Other chips will fall somewhere in the 3rd World countries.

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan

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