Xukunka maxkamadda sare ee racfaanka ee Holland, xukunkaasi oo ku saabsan warar iyo qoraallo khalad ah oo laga faafiyey shirkadda Dahabshiil laguna daabacay qoraallada noocaas ah ilaa lix jeer websiteka www.sunatimes.com.

Marka loo eego qoraalladaasi, Dahabshiil waxa lala xidhiidhiyey falal denbiilanimo, kuwa argagixiso, iyo qas iyo dagaal ay kula kacdo saxaafadda.

Xukunkii ay riddey maxkamaddu bishii December 16-dii sannadkii 2014 ee ay ka gaadhay dacwaddii la xidhiidhay arrintan, maxkamadda racfaanka ee 's-Hertogenbosch waxay go’aamisay oo ay xukuntay in aan loo hayn wax caddaymo ah eedaha kor ku xusan ee lagu daabacay website-kaas, sidaasi awgeedna daabacadda iyo faafinta eedaymahaasi inay ahayd magac-dil amma sumcad-dilis.

Maxkamadda racfaanku waxay igu amartay in go’aankani maxkamaddu ku dhawaaqday in aan aniguna ku soo daabacao oo ku faafiyo isla website-ka www.sunatimes.com iyo weliba dhawr website oo kale.

Dahir Abdulle Alasow

In six publications on the website www.sunatimes.com Dahabshiil was associated with criminal acts, terrorism and violence towards the press.

By judgement on 16 December 2014 in summary proceedings the Dutch court of appeal of 's-Hertogenbosch judged that there was not enough evidence for the above mentioned allegations published on the website, and therefore publishing those allegations was defamatory.

The court of appeal ordered me to publish this announcement on www.sunatimes.com and several other websites.

Dahir Abdulle Alasow

BBC Somali reports a big time lie

Published On: Friday, February, 22 2013 - 05:47:50 This post has been viewed 2743 times

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No one has been killed and no fight was reported in Gelinsoor.

Galkayo (Sunatimes) Instead, militiamen loyal to Abdi Qeybdiid have shot dead civilians in El Akwan village, in Mudug region of Central, Somalia {05.02.2013}
Those who suffered by Qeybdid’s militia shots included a 9 years old and a driver. Four other people have been injured in the incident.
The incident happened when the Militiamen fired several shots on a passenger bus in El Akwan, 7 km off Galkayo, the capital of Mudug region.
The BBC aired an interview with Qeybdiid’s spokesman, Ahmed Baasto.
In His Interview, Mr Ahmed said the civilians were killed in Gelinsor, but Gelnsor is 90 km away from El Akwan, were the civilians were actually targeted.
Those who has listened the interview said its part of Qeybdiid’s propaganda and it shows his hostility towards the people of Gelinsor.
Warlord Qeybdiid who knows that he can’t go in Gelinsor now is using the media as his alternative war.
It’s unfortunate that the BBC never looked for a second source for its story. Even the Reporter (Mohamed Mohamud Dhore) who interviewed Ahmed Basto is from Galgadud and knows the region better then any body else.
We tried to reach out Mr. Dhore for six times, but we were un able to hold on him, so we could have asked him why he has been used as propaganda tool and reported a enmity against the people of Gelinsor.
Galmudug State Ministry of Information said in a press release that it has asked the BBC to investigate the interview dated February 5, 2013.
Since Yusuf Garad Omar left his position as the BBC Somali Editor, The Agency turned to be a corrupt and started to accept bribes.
Every one who pays to the BBC Somali a little sum of money can actually say what ever he likes through it, same as the FM Stations in Mogadishu, Somalia’s war-torn capital
No body was expecting this will happen to such highly respected Media institution like the BBC.

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