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After the collapse of that unjust meeting, another unwarranted event happened in Zeila where the councillors of Salal region were meeting in order to choose the Mayor and his Assistant. Some people from Issa Tribe

Mogadishu (Sunatimes) It was thought that democracy in Somaliland has taken root till recently and after Municipal Elections. The election went smoothly and with less discrepancy as the Election Commission declared and the Foreign Observers reported, but when the elected councillors of each regional city started their duty to elect the Mayor and Assistant Mayor, tribalism in its new colours has played a role.

Each tribe which has gotten the majority of the councillors in that region has claimed the Mayor & Assistant Mayor of that region. Unfortunately the Government has compounded the problems, increased the suspicion among the tribes, and favoured some clans over the others who won the election and got the most councillors in their region. The people have endured previous favouritism, nepotism, and corruption till the Government has tried to use its influence and power to put Mayors of its choice rather than following the outcome of the election. In most regions the clans who have gotten the most seats in the council has elected the Mayor regardless of the voices of others in the council. The Government has caved in the pressure from all clans except those in Salal.

In Salal Region, the majority of the elected councillors went to Gadabursi tribe. The councillors who got the majority took the road of the other regions and elected a Gadabursi Mayor and Assistant Mayor. However, the Government has started a campaign to help Issa who are the minority in that region. As soon as the Mayor and Assistant Mayor of Salal region were elected, the Djibouti Government has hastily and from scratch formed a delegation consisting of Issa elders and sent to Hargeisa to meet with the President and Issak Sultans and politicians in order to influence Gadabursi to abandon the top positions of the Salal Municipality for Issa. It was an ambitious plan and if successful, Issa would have gotten away with Salal as they got away with Djibouti.

After giving the delegation from Djibouti a warm welcome and appreciation, the Somaliland Government sent and a delegation of its own consisting of Issak Ministers, Senators, Parliamnetarians, and Sultans to Borama so that they meet with the gadabursi politicians and Sultans to convince them to give away the Mayor and Assistant Mayor to Issa. Then the unexpected happened. The Gadabursi who were already frustrated and angry about the Government’s decision to postpone the ceremony for the New Mayor were again upset about the unfair and partial treatment from the Government. The Gadabursi delegation at meeting in Rays Hotel in Borama was dumbfounded about the unexpected Government request and rejected the proposal out right. The news leaked out to the street and the people, mainly the Youth, has come out in force and staged a peaceful demonstration outside the Hotel. The bodyguards of the Government delegation got scared for the safety of the delegation and theirs and started shooting blindly and indiscriminately at the demonstration. One of the demonstrators was killed and many were severely wounded. The government delegation was hurriedly whisked out of the city and drove furiously and fast to Hargeisa. While the Government Delegation was leaving Borama and running for their life and crazily speeding, one of their bodyguards ran over a seven year girl who died instantly there.

After the collapse of that unjust meeting, another unwarranted event happened in Zeila where the councillors of Salal region were meeting in order to choose the Mayor and his Assistant. Some people from Issa Tribe, including some who were transported from Djibouti has gathered and staged a wild demonstration at Zeila Municipal building and start burning cars and throwing rocks and sticks to the non-Issa people. Unfortunately, there were some casualties who received non-life threatening wounds.

At this stage of the events and turmoil, the Government realized that the Gadabursi are in this time very serious and determined to stick to their point and will not negotiate on their rights. The Government then gave Issa Delegation the undisputable outcome of the meeting and told tough luck. The Government at this point thought a face- saving strategy in order to put out the fire it has caused. It gave orders to Interior Ministry and The Judicial Department to open the doors of Zeila Municipality and inaugurate the rightful Mayor of Zeila right away. However, the Interior Minister and the Minister of Education are in Zeila and it seems the Government of Somaliland is still facing stiff resistance from Djibouti. The influence of the President of Djibouti over the Government of Somaliland is not diminishing. The stakes are still high and the hate the Government has sewn is not going to go away any time soon.

The Somaliland people have realized that tribalism is at its highest level during Silanyo’s regime. The President has surrounded himself with his close clansmen and friends. Nepotism and corruption are at their highest nowadays. Tribalism has grown more than 100% to a point where no clan listens to the Government and every clan would accept less than its share of the pie and the Government is just a symbol. After this Municipal Election, some members of the Government are talking about the disadvantages of tribalism but what they won’t tell the innocent citizens is that the Government itself has grown more seeds of tribalism more than any previous Governments.The Government is misleading the people and telling them that tribalism is the only enemy threatening the likelihood of Somaliland being Independent while it is practicing it the most and growing more seeds every day. If the statuesque continues in the same trend and seeds of tribalism are sewn in the same trend, the outcome will endanger the dream of those people who believe in Somaliland’s Independence. There is a belief that the Government is not interested in Somaliland any more but focussing on a bigger agenda based on self interest and personal benefits and paving for themselves the road to Mogadisho.

In every way you look at the crimes committed by this Government and previous ones against Gadabursi will not be forgotten and will remain in the memory of every Gadabursi. History is a witness and writes itself. Issak politicians and elders argue that without Gadabursi wisdom, Somaliland would not exist. But the irony is that they do not see as equal partner. It seems the bad policy of President Siilaanyo and its indifference to the crimes against gadabursi is a catalyst for Gadabursi’s unity against the injustice and the partial treatment. In order Gadabursi be seen as a an equal partner, the Gadabursi has to do two things immediately and simultaneously; renegotiate peacefully with Issak and seek for equal partnership and equal treatment, and secondly do what Issak is doing and prepare yourself for greater Somalia.

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