London Somalia Conference II: Myth of Somali Weyn Exposed

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f Ethiopia learned the hard way to put its interest first before the narrow clannish agenda of a few talented liars running around under “Somali Weyn”, then the British should now clearly put their interest first in London .

As the London Conference on Somalia II approaches, the current favourable conditions in Mogadishu and throughout South-Central Somalia not only guarantee Somaliland’s right to self-determination in 2013 but signal the comprehensive demise of the bloody so called “Somali Weyn” conspiracy under which the bloody Siad Barre dictatorship precipitated genocide, mass murder, and clan cleansing from Mogadishu to Hargeisa.

Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud should not delude himself to thinking that he is somehow “President of Somalia” and has a duty to so called “Somali Weyn”. Somali Weyn has never organically existed in the 20th century nor will it exist today either as a unified political truth. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, very much like his predecessor and clan relative Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, knows without any uncertainty the Western powers led by Obama Administration artificially placed him there because of the Habr Ghedir defeat of the Ethiopian and allied Darood Occupation of Mogadishu 2007-2009.

The cowardly lackey Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and his clansmen bemoaned to their Ethiopian master God dictator Meles Zinawi that the Abgaal clan would “provide full support for the 2007 invasion”. Indeed, Ali Mohamed Ghedi the so called “TFG Prime Minister” and warlord Ali Mahdi went out publicly to announce that all Mudulood Abgaal were behind the Ethiopian genocide effort on Habr Ghedir.

Yet, what warlord Abdullahi Yusuf hid from his Ethiopian masters was who the Habr Ghedir was. Suffice to say, what transpired in that bloody genocidal war directly resulted in the liberation of Mogadishu today and the fact that two Abgaal Hawiye individuals out of no merit of their own in fighting Ethiopia have been made so called “Presidents” of Somalia.

While the Ethiopians now have apparently changed tactics to building ties with the Habr Ghedir in Central Somalia, history will never forget what happened. The Americans also know they can not continue this charade anymore of unified Somalia.

If Ethiopia learned the hard way to put its interest first before the narrow clannish agenda of a few talented liars running around under “Somali Weyn”, then the British should now clearly put their interest first in London .

Somaliland will become independent country not because Hassan Sheikh wants it or not, but because of the living history in Mogadishu that can not be ignored!

The ludicrous claim by Hassan Sheikh that somehow “all clans and tribes voted for me” and therefore he represents Darood claims in Somaliland is rather pathetic and very much inaccurate. What’s more, the whole political premise of the so called Sharif Sheikh Ahmed-Hassan Sheikh clique since the ignominious defeat of the Ethiopian occupation and allied Darood war criminals in 2009 was to placate and divide Hawiye Resistance!

In London, the genuine leaders of the Hawiye who speak for their people will therefore make sure to correct this grave historical omission by recognizing the sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland.


As for those who yesterday slaughtered women, children, the defenceless people; who cheered as Ethiopia bombarded; who gave all manners of resources from North America, Europe, Middle East—even so called “Zakat for Meles”— just to commit tribal genocide in Mogadishu in 2007; who committed unspeakable state terrorism using fighter jets and tanks for well over 30 years; who poisoned wells, killed young babies, now have the shame to speak about the interests of Mogadishu and Hargeisa about Somalia? Let them go to Addis Ababa and talk about “Somali Weyn” there to General Gabre!

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Ali says: Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 08:52:45
The most ignorant, uneducated, tribalistic and one of the worst articles I have ever read. Far from the truth, insulting even the very Qabiil it's trying to support and damaging the cause of Somaliland. And the Somalia peace over all, rekindling the old wounds and the very clan disaster Somalis have faces 22 years. After many clan wars and 2 devastating man made disasters where thousands of innocent children lost their precious lives. The root causes of Somalia conflict should have been the title of this article. The writer pits clans against each other. He mentions officials who tried to help bring Somalia back to law and order, brands them with clans. This article is worse than a disease like a highly contagious and contractable, it's not worth the ink it was printed, it's garbage to say the least. Any responsible Somali who writes, and have a moral responsiblity shall not reprint this.dirty mind it like a sick person with a contagious disease.
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