Somalia: Warlord behavior, Qaybdiid and his inner circle culprits instigating insecurity in Galmudug state

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To: Somalia Federal Government To: International community To: United Nation To: International crime investigators Agencies To: UN Monitoring Group in Somalia Cc: president of Galmudug state of Somalia HE Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Elmi
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Warlord behavior, Qaybdiid and his inner circle culprits instigating insecurity in Galmudug state

On the 08 January, 2013, second chief piracy of Galmudug area was killed after local gunmen opened fire in Gawan Village 30 km south west of Hobyo. The local sheikhs immediately intervened and requested Villagers to locate, arrest and handover those who opened fire. Next day four men were arrested on suspicion of act. These men were handed over to Sheikh Said who is the head of the sheikhs in Gawan village area. The suspects were chained in one of the rooms of the sheikh’s house. Sheikh Said, other sheikhs and local elders requested both victim’s family and the suspect’s families and adjacent families to come next day in order discuss and reach immediate solution on the issue.

1) The power hunger warlord Qaybdiid heard the information and immediately demanded sheikh said to surrender 4 suspects so that they can be executed in public for the next day, without judiciary’s process, but sheikhs rejected his demand. Sheikh said urged that the destiny of suspects will be discussed and issue is to be solved according to Islamic religion and Somali customs within 48 hours. The intention of the warlord was to handover suspects to victim family so that they can be killed thus creating inter-community conflict and anarchy. Seeing prospect of suspects to be handed over is fading warlord qaybdiid instructed local hit squad to make 200Km journey to kill the suspects, arranging their transport and giving them $5500 dollars to carry out his hideous mission. The hit squad lead by Mr Mustaf Aweeye head of local organization called Somalia Humanitarian and Development Organization (SOHDO) which runs WFP food stories in Galmudug. Also Mr Aweeye belongs to sub-sub-clan of the victim. The hit-squad in Gawan town early morning on 10 January 2013, and murder the four suspected boys after forcefully entering on the house they chained.

2) On the 6 January warlord qabdiid organized inter-clan conflicts in Galmudug between Nimale and Qudhale Sub-clan while hiring chief commander his staff called Mahamed Nura Ali Garaar to kidnap Galmudug MP from Nimale sub-clan. Also Qaybdiid hired another hit-squad to kidnap another MP from Qurdhale sub-clan. Fortunately Galmudug forces immediately the release MP Without harm.

3) Also on the 13 January the warlord organized another conflict between Sa,ad and Saleman clan in Da,dheer area near Ethiopian boarder which caused five death and others six innocent bystanders were wounded. This clash was leading by one of Qabdiid’ hit-squad and close family of the Hassan Mahamud Hayl. We Galmudug administration is appealing to the federal government and devoted international community for immediate intervention to investigate linger atrocities of this warlord in the region for sake of human dignity, inter-clan co-existence and peace of the region before it’s too late.

Mutual respect, collective understanding, peace and reconciliation are the only way forward in order to bring permanent, undeviating peace and prosperity to whole country. International community has effortlessly campaigned for everlasting peace and should not tolerate hideous activity of warlords that is hindering their effort.

As you may know the notorious warlord cabdi qeybdiid wants to become president of galmudug state of Somalia by force and without Galmudug community backing. As warlord behaviours he has executed, murdered, tortured, extorted wrongly imprisoned, extorted both innocent Somali and foreign citizens.

He has earned significant fortunes which he owns today through these heinous means. His hit-squad and gangs raped differences sorts of Somalia women, executed, murdered, tortured, extorted wrongly imprisoned, and extorted the most venerable people. His gangs are still involved in these hideous criminal activities that are affecting hundreds of innocent people. Since he’s arrival to Galmudug state 8 month ago, over 52 people have been killed in a different occasion. 19 killed since his illegal claims of Galmudug state leader from last year August. No one has doubt warlords performances language is killing, destructions and to segregation among the societies in order to survive within.

Finally we are requesting to the federal government and the international community to investigate the human atrocities in Galmudug.

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