PRESS RELEASE: Council on Puntland Crisis

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In the last two elections, the local communities of the aforesaid five regions used to nominate their parliamentary representatives (66 MPs) who voted for a number of presidential and vice-presidential candidates and the two with the utmost votes used to be the presidentelect and the vice-president-elect, since the direct democratization process is yet forthcoming.

The regional government of Puntland had been founded in August 1998, under the auspices of deliberate agreement of the neighboring Somali communities comprising of Mudug, Nugal, Sool, Sanaag, Karkaar and Bari regions.

A temporary charter, aiming the realization of a full democratic practice, was sanctioned as a national law for Puntland’s Regional government. Unfortunately, Puntland has not yet realized its cherished goal of democratization through multiparty system that would bring forth fair and free elections.DSCN0247-800x600

Worse still, the people of Puntland are not registered, the council of elders officially doesn’t exist, people have no proper addresses to be contacted for the participation of the democratic processes, political zones (electoral constituents) are ambiguous and the pillars of an open decentralized system are not in place.

However, during the interim period in which Puntland has been in the same state as of its inception era, the norm has been to hold elections every four years.

In the last two elections, the local communities of the aforesaid five regions used to nominate their parliamentary representatives (66 MPs) who voted for a number of presidential and vice-presidential candidates and the two with the utmost votes used to be the presidentelect and the vice-president-elect, since the direct democratization process is yet forthcoming.

The incumbent president (so-called) has refused the usual electioneering process to
take place as per the rule, and therefore, hasn’t any legal basis or validity to be a head of State of Puntland as his office term elapsed on January 7, 2013.

Mr. Abdirahman Faroole, the President of Puntland before 7th of January 2013, has recently argued that he was elected as the President of puntland for a period of five years broadcast through the media and in front of large gathering of Puntlanders. That is an open lie and unscrupulous!!! How dare he???

Rescue of Puntland

In order to rescue Puntland from the imminent collapse and disintegration caused by the defunct president Mr. Abdirahman Faroole and his illegal entourage, the masses of Punlanders have convened meetings, get-togethers, consultations in which they have discussed, debated, questioned and challenged the political crisis and socio-economic and legal calamities that have shadowed their basic lives for the last four years.

The people have realized and become conscious of the fact that the government of Faroole has led Puntland into total failure, disintegration of Puntland’s regions, insecurity, economic hemorrhage, political polarization and widespread injustice.

The various meetings, assemblies and get-togethers that have taken place in different parts of Puntland and in other places outside Puntland, in December 2012, were networked and co-ordinated. The decisions of the above-mentioned meetings proposed to send Peaceful delegations from all the regions of Puntland to Garowe, the headquarter of Puntland State of Somalia, so as to meet the government, chiefs, elders and the wise people of Puntland in the Capital City in search of a peaceful solution for the upcoming political instability before it becomes too late (8 January 2013).

Unethically, the peaceful delegations who went Garowe for Puntland’s redemption and negotiations met defamations of slanders and libels beside tortures of imprisonment, beatings and compulsory repatriations. The deported delegations changed their abode for meetings to Gardo city, the regional capital of Karkaar region; where they have relaxed, held their meetings for some time and recently concluded their initial meetings.


The hard work that has been carrying out by the politicians, intellectuals, chiefs and wise people from all regions of Puntland for the last eight months has been determined in Gardo today, 8th January 2013, with the following recommendations:

1) That the government of Puntland headed by Mr. Abdirahman Faroole has exceeded its term of office (8th January 2013) and, thus, it’s an ex-officio and illegal.

2) Council on Puntland Crisis (CPC), Transitional Council has been formed (Golaha Sama-bixinta ee Xaaladda Kala Guurka ah)

3) The Council consists of 61 persons.

4) The Council has a temporary Chairperson, Vice-chair person and General Secretary.

5) The meeting of the congress that will elect the official Chairperson, Vice-chair person, General Secretary and the other members shall be held in Galkacayo within a month from the date of this press release.


Last but not the least, the Council on Puntland Crisis (CPC) (Golaha Sama-bixinta ee Xaaladda Kala Guurka ah) hereby suggests the following salient points for theconsideration of all Puntlanders:

1) The law enforcement agencies, national security and other Para-military forces should be aware of the fact that they are the servants of the society, and therefore, must respect the social order, taking into account the responsibility on their shoulders religiously and humanely.

2) The employees of all government agencies, departments and other civil servants should carry out their duties responsibly and patriotic manner.

3) The revenue and properties of the government should not be allowed to be managed by the outdated government.
4) The Chiefs and elders of Puntland should take their appropriate roles in searching a sustainable and peaceful solution for the current political crisis.

5) We acknowledge and encourage the United Nations political Office for Somalia to envisage and follow up concurrently the political events in Puntland; and intervene if the need be.

In conclusion, delegates in Gardo representing all regions of Puntland state haveagreed unanimously to nominate temporary executive body composed by the following members:

samatar iyo gablax
1. Gen. Abdullahi Said Samantar, President
2. Dr. Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed, Vice president
3. Dr. Mohamed Ali Yusuf, Member
4. Eng. Abdirizak Hussein Gacayte, Member
5. Barre Fatah, Member
6. Dr. Abdikafi Hassan Mohamed, member
7. Gen. Abdiasis Said Gacamey, Member
8. Dr. Mohamud Beeldaaje Farah, Member
9. Mr. Mohamed Elmi Dhere, Member
10. Mohamed Hassan Nur, Member

They have also appointed as spokesmen of the council:

1) Eng. Abdirizak Burgal Haji Hassan,
Tel. 252 90726028/678726028, Email:[email protected]

2) Dr. Muse Ali Jama,
Tel. 0616270570, Email [email protected]

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