Somalia trapped in servile or abusive international relations

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During his visit to Ethiopia in November 2012, President Hassan has been informed to honor all deals concluded between Ethiopia and previous transitional federal governments since Ethiopia’s intervention in Somalia is not sanctioned by United Nations and African Union (AU) as part of AMISOM forces

Mogadishu (Sunatimes) Consistent with his unfailing mission to speak for the best interest of the failed, fragmented and powerless Somalia, Professor Michael Weinstein of Perdue University, Indiana, USA has tried one more time to reason with the Somali Elite and the International Community (donor/powers) about the main problem hobbling the Provisional Federal Government (PFG) of Somalia as its predecessors through his analysis published by GaroweOnlineon December 29, 2012. He eloquently explained the structural weaknesses-pull from without and pull from within-, responsible for the PFG’s slow performance.

By adding the adjective “provisional” to the Federal Government’s name, the professor reminds the Somalis that despite all rhetoric, in the eyes of the international community, the present government isn’t different from the previous transitional governments in legal, diplomatic and political terms. In short, without defending the competence and integrity of PFG leaders, he underscored that the donor-powers’ decision to starve the PFG, considered as a pull from without, unless PFG leaders accept a kind of Trusteeship Administration for the next 20 years, is more ominous for the revival of Somalia than the pull from within (from dissatisfied Somali factions).” Nevertheless, he restated that both forces are destructive.

The truth is that Somalia is trapped in servile or abusive international relations in terms of foreign policy and diplomacy. Today’s role of Somalia’s government is to rubber stamp the international decisions on Somalia to make foreign domination palatable. The international photo-ops and red carpets granted to the Somali leaders and the frequent three hour visits of foreign dignitaries to Mogadishu mask the unequal power and foreign driven policies imposed on Somalia. It’s hard to miss the contradictions between the public statement and the official policy actions of donors and neighboring countries in dealing with the new government.

During his visit to Ethiopia in November 2012, President Hassan has been informed to honor all deals concluded between Ethiopia and previous transitional federal governments since Ethiopia’s intervention in Somalia is not sanctioned by United Nations and African Union (AU) as part of AMISOM forces. But in subsequent developments, Ethiopia, annoyed by the open door policy of the new government, as usual, seems to have undertaken political, diplomatic and military campaign to tarnish the credibility of the new government and dispel the perception of political independence of Somalia. Ethiopia wants to be the strategic gateway for Somalia.

Next, despite earlier confirmation of the visit of President Hassan , the Kenyan government declined to welcome him hours before his departure from Addis Ababa as gesture of pressure. The Kenyan government, whose forces control large area of Somalia, could not believe that the president of Somalia ignored Kenya’s wishes like its candidate for the Prime Minister’s position or Jubbaland political dispensation.

As a result, western diplomats in Nairobi and European capitals rushed immediately to Mogadishu to admonish the new government to listen and work with Ethiopia and Kenya. The new government declared its determination to cooperate with neighboring countries, AU and United Nations for furthering the mutual interests of all.

After diplomatic shuttles, the Somali president received an invitation for a one day official visit from President Muwai Kibaki of Kenya with the expectation of endorsing the nine-point Draft Communiqué published before the meeting of the two leaders. But, the foreign minister of Kenya read out an eleven-point Official Communiqué. I transcribe below some points of the two communiqués for analysis.

Draft Communiqué

Official Communiqué

5. Underscored the need to coordinate and cooperate both at the bilateral, regional and international levels efforts geared towards consolidation of peace and security in Somalia as well as reconstruction of the country and building of new institutions of governance.

5. Same.

7. Commended the role of the Inter-Governmental Authority (IGAD) in the Grand Stabilization Plan for South Central Somalia and other liberated areas and stressed the need to support this process which has been endorsed by the IGAD Heads of State and Government, the African Union and the UN Security Council

7. Commended the role of the Inter-Governmental Authority (IGAD) and the support to IGAD by the African Union and the UN Security Council.

8. Noted with appreciation the role of AMISOM in liberating large parts of Somalia from Al Shabab militants and called on the United National Security Council (UNSC) to consider favourably the extension of the mandate of AMISOM when it expires on 7th March, 2013, so that AMISOM can continue helping in the process of consolidation of peace and security in Somalia.

8. Same.

9. Recalled the negative impact on the sub-region of the breakdown of law and order in Somalia over the years and acknowledged as legitimate the consensus and interest of the sub-region in ensuring peace, security and stability in Somalia

9. Agreed to relaunch and revitalize the Joint Commission as the principal framework for cooperation in the security, cross border issues, Economic Cooperation, Trade, Immigration, Education as well as cultural exchanges

10. Underscored the vital importance of cooperating in the fight against Al Shabab and other militant elements who are a threat to the national security of both countries.

11. Agreed to establish a Joint Permanent Border Commission to deal with Security and Cross border issues along the common border.

Point 5 requires the new government of Somalia to coordinate with the Kenyan Government at bilateral, regional and international levels on all efforts geared towards consolidation of peace, reconstruction and building of new institutions of governance in Somalia. Implicitly point 5 covers the objectives of the Grand Stabilization Plan for South Central Somalia deleted from point 7 of the official communiqué.

Point 8 of both communiqués supports the extension of the presence of AMISOM forces in Somalia while it does not mention the urgently needed support for funding the Somali security forces and the lifting of the arms embargo. The official communiqué contains new points 9, 10, and 11 concerning a Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC) stipulated in 2005, cooperation in the fight against Al-Shabab and other militant elements, and a Joint Permanent Border Commission. There is no sufficient information about the 2005 agreement, the other militants and border commission mentioned in these additional points.

The Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia’s comment on the visit of President Hassan S. Mohamud to Kenya made extensive reference to the draft communiqué instead of to the official communiqué, particularly highlighting the Grand Stabilization Plan for South Central Somalia. This deliberate misrepresentation indicates the kind of diplomatic ambushes the new government faces in dealing with neighboring countries.

Sanaullah Baloch, UN Constitutional Advisor on Somalia, perhaps sensing grudges from the neighboring countries suggests in his piece Somalia: peace prospects of January 9, 2013 the following:

The Somali leadership needs a visionary diplomatic approach to avoid any sort of confrontation and competition with neighboring countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, which have played a crucial role in the peace process and peacekeeping.”

The British Government invited the Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister of Somalia Fawzia Yusuf Haji Aden and the Foreign Minister of Somaliland Dr. Mohamed A. Omar. In his one paragraph statement, the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague who met with Foreign Minister of Somalia said, “The foreign minister outlined the Somali government’s plan to tackle the challenges ahead including improving security, increasing access to justice, transparent financial management, political reconciliation and economic development.”

The question is how the Somali government will implement that plan without substantial financial assistance from donors? Mogadishu port revenue is not sufficient to cover half of Mogadishu Local Government budget needs. All international funds are channeled to UN Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) of $1.3 billion for 2013, to AU/AMISOM forces, to private security companies, and to Ethiopian forces.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (CFO) website details information about the two below mentioned policy initiatives (Assistance) dedicated to Somalia/Somaliland. These initiatives are components of the UK National Security Strategy (NSS) and Building Stability Overseas Strategy (BSOS).

(1) Policy preventing conflict in fragile states

(2) Policy preventing and reducing piracy off the coast of Somalia

The British Government leads a working group of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia focused on regional capacity development for the prosecution of the captured pirates and military engagement against piracy. Most of the funds allocated for the implementation of these policy initiatives are transferred to UN and Non-Governmental organizations.

The UK Minister for Africa, Hon Mark Simmonds held talks with the foreign Minister of Somaliland. Both parties agreed cooperation on terrorism, piracy, economic development and continuation of the dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland.

The new government of Somalia has severe limitations to deal systematically, proactively and skillfully with the complex foreign policy issues and the myriads of actors. It doesn’t have necessary institutional capacity, integrity and independence to carry out foreign policy that supports domestic policy goals. Some of the causes are:

·Absence of basic institutional capacity at national level for carrying out policy and administrative functions.

·Somali diplomatic missions are either self-employed or guests (agents) paid by the host governments.

·Lack of institutional memory and reliable documentation of international bilateral and multilateral agreements.

The new government of Somalia gains no benefits by working with countless personalities and entities. The continuation of present chaotic and manipulative interactions with the international community will inevitably result the defenestration of the new government.

Donor-powers have predetermined their non-negotiable policy actions towards Somalia. So to avoid haphazard diplomatic engagements which could jeopardize Somalia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, credibility and long term stability, it is necessary a deep analysis of the core foreign policy issues and diplomacy options that would help peacebuilding and statebuilding in Somalia. It would be politically more sensible to adopt a streamlined framework of cooperation with the international community.

Professor Michael Weinstein said loudly that “the political outcomes in “Somalia” are not under the PFG’s control, but are the resultants of the play between external actors, PFG and domestic factions.” It is the responsibility of the Somali Government and Elite- particularly public intellectuals- to speak and fight for the best outcomes which would promote first and foremost the common interests of Somalia. Only patriots bequeath lasting positive legacy to their people and country.

Mr. Mohamud M Uluso

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PREVIOUS CHALLENGES TO NEW HOPEFUL CHANGES.SOMALIA FOREIGN POLICY OFFICE EDETORIALAugust 23, 2012 | Filed under: Latest News in English | Posted by: khadar biijootr(KampalaSDN)(Soosii ) Somalia and the secondary living leadershipNothing is to hide SG was not at all only yesterday further to next century.You are all aware that the sheriff government has long enough recently been benefited and sheriff has done a marvelous change in challenge he did we did.1 Won Over 2000 Somali military has been trained in kampala Ethiopia Kenya and Djibouti for the Somali people recreating jobs to the Somali jobless forces.2 Mediated the Alshabist, juma alislamia, the waxdad, and the sunnaljamica, the minority sheiat which someone studied in Europe or with (NA) America would otherwise be so confused to decipilline. Sheriffs core Islamic and Somali (sss) communities studies.3 Around 400 SQKM OF The city of men Mogadishu my very city I studied, worked lived and loved has been sanitarily leaned during the UNREP/Presidents short time.4 Administratively the sheriff administration has made a call of support to the protection and the promotion of Human rights among the supportive nations of the globe to assist the Somali refugees spread all around the world with THE UN REP and the PIMPLEMENTOR H/E Y.K Musevenni H/E sheriff won the first 5800 persons including families supported by the US for a permanent resettlement.5 The UN/REP/President has appointed me and is hardly working on harder to get the 3000 remaining in ganda to be settled to UK, Australia and European countries whom I don’t want as among his official foreign policy Speaker announce now.6 The UNREP/President won to lower the tension of (BAR) Somaliland to keep the people trusted him nation in Accord to the constitution from further deterioration And bloodshed between the same black eyes peasants and had made considerable negotiation with the southern Somali societies (never be angry to the northern ones for they want not we but this office is the one lost their money loved and looted, a story I want avoid in my administration so let them cool down and forget to member the One big Hadrawi recited slogan top eye owned conqueror.) the fourth 61 person connected to their southern brothers/sisters.7 The number of changes made reshuffling with in his administration was among the most up-to-date and never done so money times like a business eager men do for only a huge personal benefit without public benefit consideration at large.8 The UNREP/President has lowered as much as possible the Ethiopian massacre of the Somali people reducing the anger of the Amharic generals remembering the 77 Somalia Ethiopia war.9 The sheriff also made a political wig success and made AMMISOM understand the heaviness of point number 8 above.10 The REP UNREP/Presidents will be busy to make the foreign policy and recreate a lively friendship and lovely atmosphere between the Somali societies and the international community though this powerful FPO and was of course overwhelmingly adamant an needs the time which needs the time he can make the change the Somali people deserve found given to him and to his administration.11 The UNREP/President even regrets some of the ideas was happiness PD sometimes advising to deploy the 400Hz Caterpillar, TLD, Russian slash 204, or the UK Houchin powered Radar rocket type the 60 Kg GOA -GIS/DIR Area /20/40KM out of Mogadishu making the collapse of the opposing command where the spot 2o021’00.00N hit 45021’00.00” elev 54. Eye alt 13 94mi target 75deg with the 60KGS the destroyer terminator as you may know. The enemy weapon. Handled through the Google earth to regulate the land terrain the enemy and inform secretly the non enemy. Then making a valley for livestock drinking. Visit the army recognition anytime peace and balance of power.12 The UNREP/Presidents will to equip Mogadishu Airport needs the followings plan of action. Through the reintegration to Somalia society rehabilitation channel he has discussed the manufacturers and the H/E UNREP/President will be deciding on the following weeks. Here he has proposed that the same idea and standards are to be implemented in the long run to all the airports of Somalia. The UNREP/President thanked the Somalia foreign policy office staff. secondly he thnks the office cooperatives Mohamed Aabdi, Clonnel Nagsse, colonel Ibrahim, Gen Muhyadin, colonel bookh, Suldan Ilmi, clonnel Furre, cap Timo, Policy maker Joseph, Lander Kee Naga, Sayid SIHA ,defender HSH, DFID, BIS, Rep Qodhan, proph Tomas and money more for their meticulous task of their nation and county in enforcing peace and development planning issues.Thanks with best regardsProject Summery.Project Report Title : Reintegration of the Somali society rehabilitant and equipping the economic sources .Feasibility study to successful Equipping sustainable operations and maintenance of the phase of the Somali nation.Project beneficiaries: The indigenous Somali society in Mogadishu city.Projet beneficiaries over 950,000 persons 35% women and children30% youth10% elders10% handicap10% expertsProject budget $1,000,980.00 51,000,000P/Implementing Part UN REP/SOMLIA FOREIGN POLICY OFFICE in EAST AFRICATechnical collaborating: worlds Arian kings academy NGO Office of central and east Af r .Funding Organization: UN OFFICE FOR SOMALIAProject Duration: Start of 5 YEARS TO COMEProject location: MOGADISHU SOMALIAProject Officer: regional Director PA Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim +256793177224POSTED BY AHMED ABDI IBRAHIM IGE TTT YA DAAIMAL MACRUURF AT 6:43 AM 1 COMMENT:THE HEAD OF THE SOMALILAND LIASON OFFICE EAST AFRICA UGANA.THE HEAD OF THE SOMALILAND LIASON OFFICE EAST AFRICA UGANA.BIISMIILAAHIRRAXMANIRAXIIMI, MACHADKA ILMIBAADHISTA DEMOQRAADIYADA IYO HORUMARKA AYAA WARBIXIN KASOO SAAREY QALLINDAARKA GALLEY POSSASKII UGU SARREEYEY EE QARRANKA JAMHUURIYADA SOMALILANDERKA. KADIB BAADHITAAN DHABA OO AY KAGA BOGTEEN UU SOONA QABANQAABIYEY THE HEAD OF THE SOMALILANDERS FOREIGN OFFICE IN EAST AFRICA MR MADAX ABDI IBRAAHIM , XOGHAYAHA XAFFIISKA HADHWANAAGNEWS MR CIID OO AH KHABIIR KU XEELDHER UKUUR GALKA WIXII JIRA IYO KHADAR MOHAMED NUUR OO AH INAN DHALINYARA AH OO FRESH AH AADNA U FIRFIRCOON SIIBA HAWLAHA SAXAAFADA IYO HORUMARKA LABADUBANA WAXAY SITOOSA ULA SHAQEEYAAN THE SOMALILANDERS FOREIGN OFFICE IN EAST AFRICA. (LIASON COUNSELING OFFICE). QAABKA WARBIXINTANTU WAXAY MAREYSAA SADDEXGEESOOD IYO SUBJECTGA AAN KA WARRAMEYNO BAADHAYNO. ABTIGEY WAA GOB ADEERKAYNA GUNNIMMO KADHEER (MADAXWEYNAHANA) AAN KAFTAN KU DARSADEE. HADABADIVULGE MADAXWEYNUHU WUXUU IGU YIDHI; ‘KA NOQO GO’AANKA AAD AGAASIMIYAASHA KU ERIDAY,’ ANIGUNA WAXAAN UGU JAWAABAY, ‘KA NOQON MAAYO.’ TAAS AYAANA SABABTAY IN ANIGA XILKA LA IGA QAADO”BARTAA WAXAN LEEYAHEY ABTI GARASHADEYDA OO WEYN OON KOLLEYBA LASOO SHAQEEYEY 14 YEARS INKABADAN UNTA IYO CARE INTERNATIONAL 1987 ILLAA 1990 HARGEISA MOGDISHU IYO MELLO KALEBA. DALLACSIIMOYIN XIDHIIDHA AYAAN SI ISDABA JOOGA U HELLAY SUPERVISOR, ASSISTANT MANAGER IYO FULL MANAGER OO IYADOO INGIRIISKII IYO MAREYKANKIIBA NAGU WARREEJIYEEN HAWLIHII CARE INTERNATIONAL EE QAXOOTIGII 77 SOOMAALIA JOOGEY LANA WARREEJINJIREY ISLA MARKIIBANA DAGAAL,KII 1990 KA BILLABMEY UHDII CAASIMADA KADIB MARKEY MARHORREBA GUBTEEN BURCO IYO HARGEISIBA. MARKAAS WAXAN UGA SOCDAA INNAMADA AANU WADA SHAQEYNNO EE OGAADEEN OO HAD IYO JEER XISBILXAAKIMKII SIYAADBARRE LAHAA WAXA NAGA DHEXEEEY HIRDAN SIYAASADEED OO LOOKALA DHEEREENAYO SIDII NIN WALIBA HOGGAANKA USII HOGGAAMIN LAHAA. MARKAASAA NINKII INGIRIIS OO AAD IIGU KALSOONAA SHAQADEYDA AQOONTEYDA IYO KARTIDEYDABA LA BADALLEY. WAXANA MADAX NALLOOGA DHIGEY EDWARD OO MAREYKANA OO FIIDNAAM KAZOO DAGAALLAMEY OO MAQAADIILRA ANNA QAYBTAYDIIBAA NIN PHYLIP[PIN AH UU IIGA HOOSSEYSIIYEY. LAAKIIN QORSHEYAAL LOO DIREY BAAN ANNA ILLAA LA ITABO IS DHUUBEY OON SUGEY JAANAS. QALAB LAKEENMEY OO LASOCODSIIN WAAYEY BAA GABADH MAREYKANNOO KASII SARREYSAY EDWARD TIDHI WAAR AHMED MEEYEY HAWLAHAN ISGAAA YAQAAN OO9 MASTER5 KU AHEE HADDAAN MASTERKABA AHEE LAAKIIN HAWSHII WAAN KU GUULEYSTEY.NIN KII PHYLIPINI GA AHAA WILLFREO CELESTIAL MY EMEDIATE SUPPERVISOR FASAXBUU CADHO QAATEY WAA JAANISKAAN RABBEE SUBAXWALBA WAXAAN SOO LASOO MAREY SHAQOOYINKA U YAAL DIRECTORKA NAHAYSTA IYO SHAQOOYIN KA ANNIGAYGAN II TAAL. FOR EXSAMPLE IMINKA XAFFIISKAN. MARKAAN MADAXWYNAHA LA ZOO QAADO.WAKAN QORSHAHEYGA SHAQO EE APPROVE SIDEY KUUGU KALA MUHIIMSANYIHIIN.1 A- RECCOGNITION KA CASSUUMITAANKA UGU YARRAAN AFAR WASSIIR OO KUWA AADKA UGU DHAW AH MADAXWEYNE MUUSEVENIO.IYO OAU DA.B- KHARASHAHAANA AAN HABEENKII KABADNAYN ($ 100) OO MEETINGS IYO TRANSPORT AH.2 UQORRISDSA YO CASSUUMIDA SAFFIIRADA DAGAN KAMPALA IYO KUWA AAD U MADAXWENEAHAAN UGU JECESHAHEY DOORBIDEYSO.3 NDP IYO MPLEMENTATIONKIISA RAADSINTA CAAWIMO IYO ILLAA XAD MAALGELNTA AAN SOO HELLIKARAA LACAGTA LA CELLINKARO OO MADAXDA INAL DHIRAANDHIRINAYSA AY U YEELLANAYAAN OO AAN LA DHISKAREYNKARRO.ON YOUR BEHALF TO HAVE THE POWER OF FULL AGENT.4 WAAYO BIYO XARAF LAGA DAYAA MUHIIM MAAHA GOAANKASE ADAA LEH BIYA KU JIRA 2O AWROO QOOQAN KUMA FILLA.5 REER UGANDOW ILLAA 700 OO ARDEY BAA JAAMACADAHIINA DHIGTA ANNANA DANAHAYAGA MA AYDINAAN FUDUDEYN DEE LACAGTAA 700 KA AH OO MIDWELIBA 5,000 SANADII SOO GALIYOUGANDA DEE DAWLADA DANTAYADA OGOL I MAAHA XUMMAAN INNAANU ULA TAGI GAADHNEY. MADAXWEYNE TELL US. MAXAD LA AAMUSANTAHEY.NINKII MAREYKAN SUBAXWALBA WAAN U GEEYEY DABEED WUU SAXAA TAA IIGU HORREYSII TAA KU XIGSII LAFKU WAD TAANA MARKAAD KUWA HORE IGA DHAMEYSO KU XIGSII.WAXAN U BAXEY ILLAA KORMEER MIIDHAN IYO ISBEDELWEYN OO HORUMAR LA TAB ANKARRO LEHWAXA AAD IIGA HELLEY NINKII LAYGU DIREY EE CADDAADISKA IGU BILLAABEY ILLA AAN GADHEY MISSOOLE KAKELIYEE WARKIISA UU AQBALLOSUBXII DANBE BILKADIB BUU YIMI WILFREDO CELLESTIAL HAWSHIIBAAN KU WAREEJEY DABED ILLAA AFAR SUBAXOOD BUU MAREYKNKII EDWARD WAAYEY SOO KALHAADEYDII IYO PLANKI MAALINLAHA AHAA MARKAASUU XAFIISKII NOOGU YIMI O YIDHI MA KAWADA TASHTAAN HAWLAHA ? WEYDII BAAN DHI MASAMEEYSAAN QORSHE MAALMEED HAA BUU YIDHI HADAA SUBXAHAN MAAN ARAGE MAXAA IDIN HELLEY?LASHAQEYNTA MADAXDU WAA LASHAQEYNTAADUUNWAAN DHEEREEYEE WAXAN LEEYAHEY ABTI NIN LADOORTEY BAA KUDOORTEY LAAKIIN WAXA KA M AQNEYD GOAANKA AAD KU B ADALLEYSO INNAMADA IN AAD MADAXWEYNAHA QORSHAYAASHAADA U GEYSO OO ADUU WAXAD YEELLAYSO OO QORAL IYO AFBA AH AAD U BANDHIGTO OO MIINOOYINKA IS SAFFEYSO SI AAD ISAGA DHAWRTO ISKUDHACIMANKARA TAAN SAMEYNLAHAA OON SAMEEYEY BAAN KU WARAMEY.WAAYO HAYSKU QAN CIN DAACAD BAAD TEHEE KANA FIKIR ANAAGAA SHOWLADA UGU DHICIYE ADDUGU LONDON QABO HORREYSEYNA SNM WEYNNA WAAD TAHEY MAJARRE YEELANKARA JA WAAD TAHEY OO TOTAL JANANADIIBA IYO MEELO KALEBA WAXBAA KOLLEY SIYA .BUT THE PRESIDENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT IF HE IS LEFT SEE RULE NUMBER THREE THE PRESIDENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT FOR HE WAS ELECTED.ANNIGUBA HAWSHAN UGANDA EE SOMALILANDRKA AAN KU HAWSHOON OO WELINA ONETHOUSAN KII DOOLLARNA NALOOMA SOO DIRIN WAAN AN CODSANNEY REPORTKAYAGIIN A WAAN U U DIREY MADAXTOOYADA IYO WASSIRKA ARRIMAHA DIBBADABA DEE ITTAALKALE MARKAAN U WEYNO DALKAN AANU DEYNTA KASII GURRANUUN BAANU ORAN XOOG BAY U BAAHANTEHEE DOCUMENTKANA U WADA SAXEXNEEYBEE DOONTA. HARGEYSA (TOGDHNEWS)- WASIIRKII WARFAAFINTA IYO WACYIGELINTA JAMHUURIYADDA SOMALILAND MD. CABDI YUUSUF DUCAALE (BOOBE), AYAA SHEEGAY IN XIL-KA-QAADISTIISA DEGDEGGA AH EE MADAXWEYNE SIILAANYO KU SAMEEYEY SHALAY LA XIDHIIDHO MURAN DHEXMARAY ISAGA IYO MADAXWEYNAHA OO KU SAABSAN GO’AAN UU SHAQADA KAGA ERYEY LABA AGAASIME-WAAXEED OO XILAL KA HAYEY WASAARADDA WARFAAFINTA.TAAS WAXAN KALLEEYAHEY WAAD KU MAHADSANTAHEY SIDA AAD AWWOODADA WASIIRNIMO U MEELMARISEY WAA HEERKA WASSAARADEED OO KALIYA SXB.WAAYO SHAQO IYO MURRAN MEEL WADA MARRAAN INAMADANA MEE PLANKEY KUGULA SHAQYNAYEEN MISE WAAD KHARIBEYSOO WEY KAAGA WACAN YIHIIN. A GOOD FOLLOW FIRST.MADAXWEYNHANA MIDUUN BAA LEEYAHEY ADDEER INAAD LATASHATO IYO INAAD KANOQO IYO DIIDEY LALAYAABAA TIMAADO TALADAAN SARE KU QORAA U DAWWO AH.XAGGAAGANA WAA INNAAD NATUSTAA MAGACAWGA MAAHEE JMOB DESCRIPTIONKII WASSIRKA OO MACA GOAANKA UGU SARREYUU LEEYAHEY KU JIRRO MARAGNA KA NOQONNAA HADDAA NU SIDDII RIYAALLE MISE KUWARHELLKO DHULKIINA WAA WADA IIBSANYAHEY ANN A FARANCEBAAN DEGGEY DEYNTA QARRANKUNA WAA BALLAAYIINANNIGEYGANNA I HUBYOO KHABIIR BAAN AHHEE DEYN TA THE SOMALILAND LIASN OFFICE EAST AFRICA GALLEY ILLAA MAY 01 2012 WAA $4000 OO DOLLAR DEE NAAN A SOO BIXI TALANA WAAN KUSOO SIINAA NET IYO NARRUUROBA.Pentagon Mulls Legal Action Against SEALWASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon's top lawyer has informed the former Navy SEAL who authored a forthcoming book describing details of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden that he violated agreements to not divulge military secrets and that as a result the Pentagon is considering taking legal action against him.Editor's Note: Get No Easy Day' for $4.95! Go Here NowThe general counsel of the Defense Department, Jeh Johnson, wrote in a letter transmitted to the author on Thursday that he had signed two nondisclosure agreements with the Navy in 2007 that obliged him to never divulge classified information. Johnson said that after reviewing a copy of the book, No Easy Day, the Pentagon concluded that the author is in material breach and violation of the agreements.Johnson said the department is considering pursuing against him all remedies legally available to us.
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