Faults of unprofessional Somali weblogs-

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But notably, there are officials website that encouraged the online media outlets. These websites publish reliable and interested stories such as Waagacusub.com

Despite the rise of the local independent media in Somalia bit changed the country’s social attitude into more democratic way, the number of so-called websites has dramatically increased for the past two years. Most of them are privately owned by newly arrived Somali diaspora in oversees countries mainly in Europe and America which are said to be set up for prominence, clan, group and economic interests especially.

Four major issues help surge of the Somali published personal websites; cheap site creation with simple readymade design template, the leisure time with welfare reliance, emulating or outdoing after one another with no preplanning and free access of online media. These web updaters have neither filled the terms of being professional journalism nor understood the code of conduct by having no basic education.

It has been unprecedentedly booming the number of the non-quality Somali blogs that went online, whenever I surf the internet every single day I see a new website with the name of person, remote village and town in Somalia or amazing word of name. The most surprisingly thing is that they nearly all publish the same story of Somali issues or other world events.

Remarkably, with the consideration of accuracy and impartiality, few Somali sites try to provide the right information from the right source in deal with conflict resolution.

“In a bid to keep my profession, I have recently created a website in which I publish articles and editorials on the country’s political crisis and try to shed a light to the misleadership and corruption within the current government and also reveal the unreported stories,” said Osman Ali, a freelancer. “Working in the mass media needs to be professional in the field of that you operate,”he added.

Nevertheless, these sorts of individual weblogs feed news stories full of rumors on the political and war crisis in the horn of African nation, Somalia which had been a failed state since the fall of military regime in 1991. “The news events posted on the Somali sites are less accurate and misinterpreted.

Obviously, some of the websites which previously built with economic interest later went offline or suspended because of missing what were initially made and indeed you can’t simply generate income from updating news site. Some times when you visit enormous of sites, you see that its news stories were posted by unskilled journalists for their poor sources and accuracy.

The most recent non-ethic substance by the Somali weblogs is to show pictures of deceased or killed people on the websites and that is in breach of the media laws. Showing faces badly injured or smashed might in fact make shocking to the people. Such photos could be shown by hiding the faces.

But notably, there are officials website that encouraged the online media outlets. These websites publish reliable and interested stories such as Waagacusub.com, sunatimes, hiiraan.com, mareeg.com waaheen.com, boramenews.com, caasimada.com, keydmedia.com ,wehelmedia.com ,Muqdishonews.com and qurbejoog.com.
These websites are known to publish in critic way on both political and social affairs as this might open a new page to the Somalia media which did not dare to discover behind the bars.

By. Mohamed Abdi Farah

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