Warning From Galmudug to All International and Somali Media

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GalMudug State of Somalia Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation
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Re: GMS/XWXC/019/DEC-2012 Date: 06/12/2012

To: All International and Somali Media Organizations and Networks;

To: The Minister of Information and Telecommunications of Somali Federal Government;

Cc The Minister of Information, Youth and Sports of the Galmudug State;

Cc: The UN Political Office for Somalia;

Cc: The Embassies and International Organization to Somalia;

Cc: The President of Galmudug State of Somalia, H.E. Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Elmi

Subject: The International and Somali Media Organizations biased reporting of the

Galmudug State of Somalia or their Intentional Support to Warlord Qaybdid.

Following the verbal instruction of the President of Galmudug State, H.E. Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Elmi, I hereby inform you that the Government of the Galmudug State is appalled by the biased reporting of the International and Somali Media Networks concerning the Galmudug State, particularly the repetitive naming of Warlord Qaybdid as the President of the Galmudug State.

We hope that such negative reporting are due to a lack of knowledge of the current political situation of the Galmudug State, since the soje and legitimate President of the Galmudug State is H.E. Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Elmi, who was elected in a clean, fair and democratic process of the Independent Electoral Commission of Galmudug that was established by the former President, H.E. Mohamed Alin, in conformity with Galmudug Sate Charter.

H.E. Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Elmi was elected as the new President of Gaimudug for the next three years, on 30th July, 2012 and complementing the legitimacy of the election, the former Galmudug State's President H.E. Alin handed over the State power, State Charter, State offices, documents and agreements to Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Elmi on November 11, 2012.

(See attached documents).

In the meantime, Warlord Qaybdid claimed to be the new Galmudug State leader on Augustl, 2012, two days after the legitimate presidential election. In rob and negotiate political formula, the Warlord is attempting to hijack the Galmudug State and to establish save haven for himself.

At a later date, the new Somali Federal Government intervened and invited all sides to the capital, Mogadishu, to listen and mediate, giving support to the legitimacy claims of the current Galmudug President, H.E. Dr. Elmi.

The international community, the multinational bodies and international humanitarian organizations are all aware and informed about that Dr. Elmi is the leader of the true and legitimate Government of the Galmudug State of Somalia.

We, therefore, strongly protest against the unlawful and repetitive media advertisements of Warlord Qaybdid and his un-existent administration and we consider such actions a blatant support for the infamous warlord to continue his brutality and divert the Galmudug State's efforts to establish law and order and to implement social services and develop good governance within the Galmudug State.

Thus, we kindly request the presidents and managers of the international and Somali Media Organizations to reshape and correct their covering of the Galmudug State and dealing with the legitimate officials of the Galmudug State government.

We also request the Somali Federal Government to ensure that Somali national and private media organizations follow International Conventions and the National Media Laws and other related principles on media's code of conduct.

Likewise, the International Community's representatives in Somalia and in particular the UN Office for Somalia to follow with particular attention the media coverage of the Galmudug State's political situation, which lately is very unjust and destructive.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Mb.; Find attached:

a) Nomination document of the Electoral Commission;

h) Electoral Commission's processes outcome documents;

c) Formal handover document of former President and current President

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