Q&A With Journalist Alasow on Somalia’s New Government

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The editor of Waagacusub.com and President of the Associated Somali Journalists group, Dahir Alasow, shared his views on Somalia’s new government with Dissident Nation.

Dissident Nation: What is your opinion on the new prime minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon?

Dahir Alasow: Shirdon is a businessman, and has not been active in politics since the downfall of Siad Barre, former Somali president; therefore he is under scrutiny with expectations of the answer of your question. For the time being, its too early.

Dissident Nation: Do you believe that Hassan Sheikh is the right man to lead Somalia?

Dahir Alasow: Hassan Sheikh was a member of the Somali Civil Society, and Al-Islah religious organization. People are wondering about his political strategy. He could select the entire cabinet from his party Dammu Jadiid (New Blood), but skeptics say he is not strong enough to take certain decisions; hence other people might use his powers, specially the inner circle of his Party.

Dissident Nation: What is your opinion on Jubbaland state formation in the south?

Dahir Alasow: Many people believe that the challenges in the Jubba regions is among the local clans, but its quite different; Kenya and Ethiopia are challenging each other on the issue of Kismayo or rather Jubba regions. The most important thing is that Ethiopia wants to use the seaport of Kismayo, and it fears Kenyan-backed Azania administration which is rumored to have close ties with Ethiopian opposition front, ONLF.

Dissident Nation: Do you believe that Puntland will support the new government?

Dahir Alasow: It is possible, especially if President Farole is not in power. His presence will complicate such support.

Dissident Nation: Is the new government too soft on terrorist groups?

Dahir Alasow:The new president is not as extremist as his predecessor, because his political organization is a moderate one. The concern is that the government doesn’t have strong intelligence. They only rely on AMISOM.

Dissident Nation: Do you believe that the new government has popular support?

Dahir Alasow: Yes, they enjoy wide support from Somalis and the international community, but true support will be seen when the cabinet has been announced, and their approach in the tasks ahead. So far, some people show pessimism.

Dissident Nation: Do you believe that the new government will move Somalia forward?

Dahir Alasow: I think so, although some people believe that they’re a 4-year setback, but I think they need to be given a chance.

Dissident Nation: What do you believe will happen in the next four years in Somalia?

Dahir Alasow: The party of the President – Dammu Jadiid – will expand throughout the country, their achievement will be minimal, but certain rehabilitation/development projects, funded and implemented by the Turkish government, will carry on.

Dissident Nation: Do you believe that this government will survive four years or fall like Arta government?

Dahir Alasow: I think it will survive, with reservation.


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Ali ahmed says: Sunday, April 07, 2013 at 22:21:18
walaalayaal madax iyo manjaba waa idin salaamay waagacusub daadihiyayaalow. khaasatana Daahir Alasow waxaan idin weydiinaya su'aal ah somaalidii isjeclayd 1960 ee gumaysiga si isku mid ah uga soo horjeedey maxaa kudhacay oo ka dhigay shantii somaliyeed shan Bisadood oo meel macalool la jiifa oo cadyar lagu soo dhextuuray dabadeedna halkaas isku diirtay? 2- waagii somalidu reer guuraga ahayd dagaalkasta oo dhexmara waa laysu iman jirey waana lawada hadli jirey waana lakala garqaadan jirey ee maxaa maanta oo Professor, doctorate. engineer, graduate badani jiraan inugu celiyey Tola'ayey dibudhac aan la soo kaban.
Axmed ali xasn says: Monday, February 18, 2013 at 15:01:02
asc walaal dahira ilaah kacabso wax beenta ah oo maalinkasta wabseetka ku soo qortit war ma dhimaneesid miyaaa war aduunyad yee ku serin waa laba maalin ee illaah ka xishoo waxyaabah beenta ah kadaa wabseetkaa walaah hadaad saan ku dhimatid dhibkaad mayar eee ilaah usoo noqo taasi waa iga waano ilaah haku soo hanooniyo
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