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“The opportunity is that Somalia is rising up again, it is another history, given the scenery of huge developments through the nation, and Somalis now seams eager in to democracy and peace, and it’s a symbol of new journey in to progress, if this happens successfully”

Mogadishu (Sunatimes) In an attempt to dream its true statehood in almost 43 years for the first time, Somalis are lurking the remaining few couple of days to elect new president inside their country, things are still thriving either environmentally, economically, socially and scientifically throughout the south since Alshabab retreated from the capital city on August last year.

After splitting over election schedules by the Somali road-map signatories including the president and the prime minister the country is tracking in to new direction swearing the new parliament in first hand of 234 members that is down to the prior mps formed in Djibouti 2009,

About 25 presidential candidates are now running for the presidency in 2012 including two female candidates, as candidates combat through media and social network campaigns to showcase of each ones potential promises to the nation if won,

The incumbent and outgoing president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the former prime minister Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo are pictured in public transportations, and other public places in the Indian Ocean seaside capital of Mogadishu and other small towns,

“Sure it is a new opening for all of us, finally we are finding the way forward, and it is wonderful time, we are going to elect a new president and new government in our own homeland, because it is enough almost four years of transitional governments mostly formed outside our nation”

“The instance of all initiatives are glorying but we have still to overcome the security, the new government may have to work harder measurable security advances across the country’s south swathes, Alshabab militants are still controlling many parts in the south and that is why the elections are not happening in nationwide range, said Ahmed Hassan a well-known Somalia traditional elder in Mogadishu”

Election schedule

The Somali’s 2012 presidential election is already set for an August 20th last week but postponed by the authorities and the technical committees for the elections as a result of processing the selection of the new parliament mps before the presidential election is announced,

Now as the parliament elects a new speaker the panel of the presidential elections is to announce the exact date of the presidential election by the end of this month or next month. The technical committees warns any neither criminals nor former warlords not to include the talented candidates for the presidency and the seat of the parliament speaker as well.

Somali human rights defender Hassan Shire Sheik who now runs for independent monitoring committees called as (IFISO) for the election says,

“The opportunity is that Somalia is rising up again, it is another history, given the scenery of huge developments through the nation, and Somalis now seams eager in to democracy and peace, and it’s a symbol of new journey in to progress, if this happens successfully”

“The leaders should have to commit more legitimacy and good governance, to give you an example there are dozens of supporters for the presidential candidates, they are from in different ethnic identities, so can we say it is time for tribes no but we can say it is time for change, Hassan said.

“We hope that the new parliament to vote the candidates for their qualifications or criterion to the post, and avoid self interests, bribes, and it must be free and fair election” Hassan Shire added.

There are security installations to safeguard the election sites in the capital of Mogadishu with police patrolling in the streets at night, AMISOM police are also working with the Somali police forces already working in the capital, the newly appointed Djiboutian spokesman for the African Union peacekeeping mission of AMISOM in Somalia Mr. Ali Aden Hamud explains how African Union peacekeepers and their police units are involving in the role of security during the presidential elections in the country.

“AMISOM is taking a vital role in the security during the elections in Mogadishu, our police forces with the help of Somali police forces are working in Mogadishu’s neighborhoods, to protect the security during this time, they already started their work but we expect to extend the mission when the election polls are started soon here in Mogadishu” Ali said.

As Somalia is listed the index of world’s most flailed states in a reports it is the best chance for peace and flourishing ever in 21 years of conflict since the fall of former dictatorship rule led by Mohammed Siad Bareh in 1991.

By Journalist Mohammed Nuxurkey

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