Somtel Dahabshiil Groups Blocks Popular Websites- Anonymous attack

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Somali Media Massege to the every Freedom fighter on the World ?
Mogadishu (Sunatimes) Why Somtel Internet Service Blocks Local Somali Websites and International News Agencies ? While the block on Popular sites are understandable, we are intrigued by the block on ,,Halbeegnews,,,times of india,IWIRE,Truthdrive,Demorgan,,Garoweonline, since its is just Published news about Anonymous attacks against Dahabshiil Company which they Calla "war on terror"
Another thing to ponder is that the reason for the block has been suggested as an order from the Dahabshiil Group Company Manager but we wonder if Somtel Internet Service of Somaliland has obtained yet another order to block the above mentioned websites, considering that it is releasing a Anonymous declares 'war on terror'
Dahabshiil Company which threatened the Independent Somali Media ,Now became Victim
Hacktivist group Anonymous has officially declared a war on terror after hacking into the accounts of a Middle Eastern bank.
The group threatened to unleash "global internet destruction" unless the Dahabshiil bank admitted to financing terrorist groups.
The hacking group has reportedly published thousands of bank account names and numbers and is threatening to destroy the bank's electronic systems if it does not publicly acknowledge that it helped terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab.
Associated Somali Journalists Condemns the bad Actions of Dahabshiil Company.which continue Voilations against freedom of Press.
Somali Media Massege to the every Freedom fighter on the World ?

To the all independent media and international human rights group that adheres to freedom of speech, we would like to display here some documents which illuminate the constant suppression and threats from the Somali remittance company calledDahabshiil”to the Somali independent media namely this website “sunatimes”

Dahabshiilallocates huge sum of funding to padlock this website and actioned their crooked plan first time onWednesday 27 October, 2010time shut down from 11:06-0600

Dahabshiil lawyers wrote to our hosting company Bluehost and they instructed them to put us off air, however Bluehost reinstated our service later. Dahabshiil utilizes plenty of money to bolt on Somali websites such as These websites and other independent media reports an issues that displeases Dahabshiil bosses, therefore they use their vast money to silence us. Sunatimes belongs to 18 Somali journalists and 17 of those live in Africa where only one resides in Europe. Dahabshiil succeeded to shut us down again on13thof December 2010 17.34-0700.

When some journalist from Sunatimes refuses to accept bribe from Dahabshiil Company they took lawsuit actions against the only journalist who lives in Europe, fortunately the Netherlands court in Breda had thrown out the Dahabshiil lawsuit in which they demanded one of the web article that discloses the business interest they had with Somaliland government been taken down. Court decision file no: BP3480 Breda Court:read it on this link.

Dahabshiil paid some vicious cirles in Somalia to hunt down the chief editor of Mr Abdisalam Abdulle Yusuf, fortunately he was tipped off and he fled from Mogadishu, Somalia. Dahabshiil had once again shut down on17 March 2011, 12:05-0600this led moving their hosting service to another company called Ileystech Company.

Again, Dahabshiil let up their campaign against and their lawyers wrote to Ileystech co by informing them that violated copyrights, they demanded that article be removed from the website or else they would hold the hosting company responsible. That article related to the failed lawsuit that Dahabshiil brought against the Somali journalists.See attached letter of Bird and Bird LLP.

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 10:01:37 +0100. Ileystech closed thesunatimes.comwebsite after the bigAcenet Inc threatened to shut down its Server ,Anyone, who reads the Dahabshiil lawsuits could see that they are at war with Somali independent media. To our astonishments was that Dahabshiil demanded on their letter to remove two contents on Sunatimeswebsite. One content related to a song sang by famous Somali artist: Sada Ali Warsame. The song named Dhiigshiil, which she puts nice lyrics with beautiful voice to outline the ill intentions of Dahabshiil including their support of terror and lawlessness in Somalia. The other was an article about the court decision at Breda. The harassment and suppression of Dahabshiil Remittance Company have not only touched but another 37 Somali media outlets had issued press release to protest Dahabshiils continuous threats against Somali Independent Media.Read it here:

The links of Dahabshiil to the Al-qaida was posted to the Wiki leaks, Files ofGuantanamo Bay,please read it here. . isInvestigative media with sense of professionalism, fearless in cultivating the truth, informative, unbiased, independent, educative, a role model and a voice to the voiceless

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