Senior Puntland officials visit Bargal, Bari region

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A group of Puntland officials on Thursday visited Bargal town, Bari region, where there have been a crack down on Somali pirates in the region.

The eight member officials led by the area regional governor Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan reportedly travelled to the area to convene a security meeting with the local population.

Speaking to the press before leaving the Bosaso town, Mr Gallan said they will hold talks the local with elders in Bargal to chat the way forward in maintaining peace in the area and to rally support for their fight against pirates.

Meanwhile, normalcy has reportedly returned to Bali-dini area where there was an aerial attack on Wednesday targeting pirates’ base in the area.

Puntland’s marine forces have been conducting security operations aimed at clearing out Somali sea gangs from the coastal region of Bari.

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