Alleged Al-Shabaab fighters surrender to ASWJ in Gedo region

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Fifteen alleged Al-Shabaab militants on Wednesday surrendered to Ahlu Sunna group in Garbaharey town of Gedo region, an official with ASWJ has claimed.

ASWJ’s southern Somalia regions spokesman Mohamed Hussein Issack has told Sunatimes that they received fifteen alleged Al-Shabaab defectors.

He claimed that there are other militant fighters willing to join them in the coming days.

One of the defectors who allegedly spoke to the media was reportedly quoted as saying that they opted to leave their militant group after realizing were part of a group who has no mercy for the Somali population.

The pro-TFG group has several occasions in the past displayed alleged militant defectors joining their ranks, attributing this mass defection for their continuous provision of amnesty to militant defectors.

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