ASWJ claims victory over Al-Shabaab in Galgadud

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Ahlu Sunna on Tuesday claimed it has inflicted heavy casualties on Al-Shabaab militant fighters in a clash that erupted in Guri-el and Elbur districts.

The pro-TFG groups claims victory over Al-Shabaab militant group after launching attacks on militant bases in these districts.

Speaking to Sunatimes, Ahlu Sunna’s executive committee chairman, Mohamed Yussuf Hefow claimed they killed dozens of militants and injured over 20 others during the operation.

Meanwhile Ahlu Sunna’s Elbur security boss Abdi Mohamed Hassan told Sunatimesthat ten people were killed in a fierce fight between them and Al-Shabaab militant group.

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Zuzyka says: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 at 12:01:09
Dear Matt and all,To improve the seirtcuy situation for ordinary people is morally and ethically is crucial. However, sending AMISON or any other military intervention is not the solution. In my humble view the problem is not about the ordinary people who are creating inseirtcuy and instability but it is the worldlords who are now pretending to be politician. Many of them are from overseas including Britian. They families and children are living in Europe and America. In addition, although there are a lot of good done by the International Community but I my view UN, Arab League, African Uninion and so called IGAD failed again and again. Therefore, the only solution to create sustainable peace and stability it is paramout for Britian to take the lead politically, morally and ethically by directly telling as it is to TFG that they are the main obstacle to peace and stability. Why? i) Ordernary Somali people did not selected TFG so they can not be representative to them ii) They have not come up tangible strategy or formula. For example, why could not they open authentic debate and discussion with the key players who are creating inseirtcuy rather than politically creating more distruction and hatred among their fellow Somali?iii) Yes, no individual should be above the law but what is the point if TFG itself are not law abidding civil servants when they are themselves do not lost their legal and moral compas? They should be accountable to predetermined international and local legal obligation and if the International community are putting blind eye on the suffering, killing innocent people what hope is there create an environment in which a political process can flourish and effective governance can be extended across the country?iv) Britain should carefully monitor each and every TFG and other self-made individuals who are directly and telling the International Community one story to get financial support and military support but completely are bunch of useless who can not even control their own children that they left in Europe and America let alone their nations.Please, British Gov and International community do not be fooled by the TFG by their liers and skillful emotional blackmail.Lastly, Somali people know each other like the back of their hand, they know those who are danger to their nation and people through clan and tribal sytem but in my view unless tribal leaders are involved part of the peace process there will never be peace and seirtcuy in Somali. The reason is this is the political key to start create a flourishing peace in Somalia and beyond. For example, if every tribe without coercion chooses their representative like they did in Somaliland, rather than supporting a worlords who have no moral compass except his own self interest then we can start to talk about the concept of peace. I wish every success for the British Gov. for facilitating this noble course. Of course that is only if there is not vested interest. Likewise, I would say to the Somali people who are participating in this peace process please and please think outside the box, put all your differences aside and let the peace and beuaty of the Somali people previal.Think about the innocent human beings who with no fault dieing everyday, think about the shame, humilation and bad name that you are giving to not only yourselves but to the name of humankind. Please and please think rationally rather than following your desires and inclination like animals.Think about creating peace and prosperity in your country. Think about what you can achieve in peace and stability compare to anarchy and clan conflics. Thinking about helping each other for the sake of peace and seirtcuy for your children and grand children. Look beyond your tribal or political affiliations.Hold your heads high and forgive each other rather than being hostile to each other. Think about how the world helping you politically, financially and morally. Come on guys this is not about x or y this is about saving human lives. This is about your children and grand children's future. Look how Britain and other countries unreservedly helped Somali community who were not save in their own country. Ready the history of Europe particularly, continental struggle, the Thirty Years War (1618- 1648) that devastated seventeenth-century Europe, the 20th Century two War World that killed millions of peaople and destroyed towns and countryside alike in Europe and beyond. Read the horrible history of Africa particularly the slave trade, colonial era and current civil wars how human being were treating one another.Think about how lack of seirtcuy is destroying the lively hood many nation in the World, Syria, Afganistan, Iraq just to name few. Wake up my fellow Somalis and please and please give peace and prosperity a chance. Walk the walk (rather just talking the talk (ficil sameeya intii aad hadal uun wadi lahaydeen). I have said what I have say. It is over to you.Daljir.London UK.
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