Prime Minister Abdiweli appoints relatives to the diplomatic posts as the transition ENDs

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Figure 1 Prime Minister Abdi Weli The positions appointed to the relatives of the Prime Minister are. * Australia the highest ranking Somali diplomat * Ambassador to Ivory coast and the entire West Africa * Indonesia the PM already had one relative as a deputy head of mission another one has been appointed as first secretary

P.M. Abdiweli Ali of Somalia has appointed his relative as the highest ranking Somali Diplomat in Australia . H.E. Yonis Hashi who worked for the Amal express remittance company in Australia , it is quite appalling since , while the entire country is in transition, the PM had repudiated a letter of resignation from a the head of Mogadishu port sayid Ali a few weeks Back on the bases that there should be no appointment or resignations or changes of posts during the transition period, the president encouraged the port changed , however the response from the Prime Minister was seen as a blow to the good relationship between the two, conversely the bases used for port manager is not applied or is directly ignored when appointing diplomats relating to the PM, The president can still withdraw the appointments from their posts before the end of the transition.

Figure 2 Yonis Hashi

However it has come apparent that yet another relative of the Prime Minister is appointed as the highest ranking Diplomat in Australia , also the newly appointed post include Indonesia and Ivory Coast( and the entire West African nations) .

While the entire nation is questioning the imbalance of the diplomats in clan perspective or representativeness over 80% of the Somali appointed diplomats rain from the puntland state while the PM himself comes from Puntland, many Somalis are shocked by the new appointments and the naked nepotism and double standard policy of the PM. Official complaints are currently being logged against the PM and the Acting Director General from puntland who also recently replaces another Director general of the ministry of foreign affairs from puntland.

Many Somalis fear that the puntland state has over taken forcefully the entire agenda of Somalia, and the fear has come apparent when two days ago the 15th of May the Somali Ambassador to indie requested indie to give a head of state welcome to the president of puntland, while the ambassador also informed the

president of Somalia that his outstanding visit to indie had been cancelled by the Indian head of state.

It seems Puntland had already marginalized the diplomatic power of Somalia; this is further fueled by the actions of the Ambassador of Somalia to indie. Her. Excellency Abyan Ladane has just switched a visit for the president of Somaliato indie to the president of puntland, puntland which is a sub region of Somalia.

Figure 3 AMb .abyan salah and president (Governor) of puntland state Abdurrahman

Other clans of Somalia are also bewildered by the hostility and the aggressiveness of president Abdurrahman and claiming that puntland should separate, when puntland diplomats and politicians are already dominating the entire Somali political scene. These may lead to a political dispute “ Bellum omnium contra omnes”

Amiin Mooge Daahir

London, UK

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