Somali Journalist Faruk Raped FAJ Member female

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What?. John Oprong has been invited by the IFJ to attend a workshop in
Addis Ababa?. Oprong is a Kampala based quack journalist, idler and
masqarader, who survives on blackmail.

I thought IFJ is an international organization for professional
journalists?. I visited this link:[email protected], and it projected the IFJ
as a very serious organization.

But now what has happened to the IFJ that it resents professional
journalists and prefers to work with quacks?.

Isn't the IFJ one of the organizations that run beautiful websites full of
gimmick but are a bunch of crooks?. I will need to read more stuff on the
IFJ and successful projects, if any, where journalists benefited and can
use the results as reference points anywhere in the world. I will need to
examine profiles of people who lead the IFJ and its regional bodies, to
comprehend well who is who.

But if IFJ can invite a crook, quack journalist, street conman, to attend
a Journalists workshop in Addis Ababa because Omar Faruk fears genuine
journalists, then the IFJ has a serious problem, and should stop extorting
and wasting donor funds claiming to be defending and promoting a free,
ethical and responsible journalism, when the IFJ is actually promoting
free crooks and quacks.

The IFJ should just close down their links in Africa and elsewhere because
the IFJ has outlived its purpose. I will not divulge more information on
John Oprong because Ugandans themselves know him best and what he stands
for. I shouldn't been seen to be turning personal and derailing from real
issues at hand - that is corruption and unethical conduct by IFJ officials.

I read a posting on this mailing list that an IFJ' Executive official who
is also FAJ President and EAJA Secretary, Omar Faruk , has been assaulting
sexually FAJ Treasurer, and attempting to rape her on several occasions..
Why cant Omar Faruk get disciplined or even dismissed from the IFJ?. We are
told the victim has reported the case to all relevant organs of the IFJ and
nothing has been done to give her justice. And IFJ officials will bulge
with their pot bellies, boarding planes to fly to cities and attend
conferences aimed at promoting Human Rights and Press freedom when they
have violated rights of the own with impunity, and justice has been denied.

By now Omar Faruk should have been handed over to the Police for
prosecution. Dont you think the IFJ is a useless organization and the many
NGO's existing in Africa or globally are far better than the IFJ?.
We are calling on all International Journalists', Gender, Human Rights
organizations and donor agencies to prevail upon the IFJ to force it to
reprimand its official Omar Faruk Osman, who assaulted sexually a few union
official and attempted to rape her several times. Why should Omar Faruk
remain at large after committing such crimes?.

If Faruk is not disciplined or charged in courts of law then Journalists
globally will be mobilised to launch a campaign, rally support from all
Journalists and human rights organizations globally to officially write to
the United Nations Human Rights Council, Amnesty international, the
International Criminal Court, Committee to Protect Journalists and all
international agencies that promote Human rights and Women rights, to
condemn the IFJ and its officials and to ensure Omar Faruk who attempted to
rape a fellow journalist cum union official, is prosecuted. Note that all
those organisations are copied this message.

How will the IFJ fight for Press Freedom, Human Rights and Journalists
rights, when it has failed to discipline its own official who has committed
a criminal offence against a colleague and senior union official?. And
also international bodies should help feeble Somali Journalists whose
democratic and human rights are being violated and muzzled by the IFJ top
leadership. Omar Faruk is not Somali National Journalists Union (NUSOJ)
official. He was voted out for corruption, fraud, embezzlement and abuse of
office. But continues to impersonate NUSOJ Secretary General yet legitimate
NUSOJ General Secretary is Mr Mohammed Ibrahim. Faruk lives in exile
shuttling between world cities, searching for workshops, seminars and per
diem from donors while his fellow Somali journalists at home are dying day
and night. Faruk sleeps in Five - Star hotels and flies Business Class in
all airline companies. Faruk competes with birds in being in the air and as
a result has inflicted fracture on his spinal code. When Faruk is on land
he is either in a Five Star hotel attending workshops or conferences or
attending IFJ meetings. So when does he defend Somali journalists?. Instead
the IFJ confirmed Faruk received money from the IFJ Assistance Fund meant
for widows and orphans of dead Somali journalists and swindled it. Each
time Somali journalists and other African and European officials want to
take action on Faruk , IFJ President Jim Boumella, shields him. As things
stand now nobody will even think of visiting the IFJ website or associating
with the IFJ because the organisation has lost respect, is a useless body
that is now run by crooks.
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