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Somalia: Somaliland is not ours any more. Awdalland is our own.

Monday October 11, 2010 - 23:16:28 in Latest News by Super Admin
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    Somalia: Somaliland is not ours any more. Awdalland is our own.

    A reply to Mudane Mohamed Mouse of Ottawa

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A reply to Mudane Mohamed Mouse of Ottawa

Borama (Sunatimes) I read the article "Isaaqland or Somaliland!" by Mohamed Mousa (Ottawa), with interest. It was well written and up to the point. He exposed the reality of Somaliland becoming the land of the few whose elected president decided to play the stinking politics of tribalism, fascism and dictatorship.

The Somaliland that was supposed to be all inclusive refused to remain so and preferred to be exclusive. The whole thing was lip singing and Siilaanyo could not hide it any more.

Maxamadow, it is sad to say, your Somaliland and my Somaliland is no more our Somaliland. It is not the Somaliland we all had in mind. It has gone nuts and has become the "Slaughter land". It has been converted by Siilaanyo to the land of the beast. It switched to become the country of the eccentric. Siilaanyo dragged it to become the land of insanity. Siilaanyo and his gangs preferred the republic to be known as the land of the injustices. A place where there is no freedom, no peace, no democracy, nothing but fear and frustration.

Somaliland was formed in confederacy of tribes united by a league. A league based on understanding, cooperating, caring and sharing with a vision of nation building and advancement. Contrary to our hope, the creation of a one clan show where dominance and everything for one clan attitude surfaced above all. This clan drama is paralyzing the confederacy strengths and is finally destroying the high hopes of building a nation together.

Awdal have been cheated for more than eighteen years. We have been in endurance for that many years and hoping for the better year in year out, but to no avail. It is getting worse day after day and every Somalilander is the witness. What has been hidden for that many years appeared out of the blue, and we are finally seeing it clearly. There is a root to the problem and we are right at the bottom of it now.

Since Siilaanyo became the president, he refused to keep the hope for Somaliland to be all inclusive and preferred to play the dirty politics of Kulmiye and declared the republic to be all exclusive. The whole thing was lip singing and he could not hide it any more. So he shed it out and declared the all famous hidden agenda ………Isaaqland.

Well Mr.SNM, bring it on and let us see who loses what!!!

Brother Mohamed, Siilaanyo’s declaration of Isaaqland should not be a big deal and there is no need to shed tears. Tit for that is the answer. We all know that in today’s global politics, the easiest to do is to declare independence, erect the flag, name the born republic and wonder around the around for recognition.

Easy, isn’t it? and be reminded my brother that we have the land, the flag, the elites to lead the land and the ability and the know how to wonder around the world and ask the nations for recognition. That we can do, and yes again we can and finally tell Jack (Siilaanyo) to hit the road….

My dear Mohamed, Somaliland is feeling like a turtle without a shell nowadays and surely it will remain that way forever. There will always be snakes in the Somaliland politics that will take a bite. There is no hope for the little country that is full of secrets. It is in its diminishing return. We have been ignoring the truth for more than eighteen years and now we seem to be ready to finally share how we are feeling. Let it go!!! Let Somaliland go. Let Siilaanyo hit the road. Let Awdalland flourish… And let us all shout together; we are united forever, we are one and the same, we are all brothers against the injustices of Siilaanyo, we are ready to stand up for our rights, Awdal ha noolaato…Awdal ha noolaato…Awdal ha noolaato…

My dear Adalite, something has unlocked and the cage is wide open. It is time to fly and expand our wings. Let Somaliland go. It is time to sing… kana siib kana saar… Ka Somaliland siib oo ka Awdalland saar.

What is happening in Hargeisa is more than insult and we have been trying to ignore it for so many years, but we are almost done with juggling for the unthankful. It is time for our home land. It is time to let Somaliland go and establish Awdalland. There is the energy of abundance all around us, we have to soak it and establish Awdalland. We are receptive today and emotionally ready for the next step. So sing along with me …kana siib kana saar….

We are finally seeing the root cause of the problem. What is happening in Hargeisa is telling us something, and that is to move on and let go of what is dragging us down. It is time for change, and surely it will be for the better.

We see the dream, and the reality, it is time to connect the dots. It is time for our Awdalland.

My dear Adalites it is time to trust the inner voice. It is time for Awdal to let Somaliland go. We are all together on this journey, so we have to enjoy the connection while it lasts and don’t over think the finish line.

Iskusoo wada xoori Maxamadow, heeladeenii caamka ahayd aanku xasuusiyo siday hada isku badishay;

Somaliland edoy wa ayo?

Siilaanyaa ka dhigee waa Isaaqland.

Madaxweynuhu edoy wa ayo?
Waa Siilaanyoo edoy waa iyaga.

Ku xigeenkuna edoy wa ayo?
Waa dantoodee edoy waa inaga.

Wasiiradu edoy wa ayo?
Laba mooyee edoy waa iyaga.

Shaqaalahoo dhani edoy wa ayo?
Waxoo dhaniba edoy waa iyaga.

Ina Taanigu edoy wa ayo?
Dadkuu u egyahee waa dadqalkii Somaliland.

Abaan duuluhu edoy wa ayo?
Waa Xudhuunoo edoy wa inaga.

Haday sidaa tahay Somaliland maka baxnaa?
Waad garatee aleylehe haa.

Awdalland-teena ma samaynaa?
Sidaa weeyee aleylehe haa.

Waan garanee edoy waa guul.
Waa guusheenee Allow noo yeel.

Balanteenuna waa Awdalland.
Edoy waayahay.
Balanteenu waa Awdalland

Source: Ceelbardaale

Suleiman Abdi Dugsiye

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